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Why no external storage and removable battery

Discussion in 'Future Products' started by Sinan Çetinkaya, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Sinan Çetinkaya New Member

    I really don't undestand why you guys don't make a smartphone with removable battery and external storage slot.

    Some people don't need them but some people do! I have a Note2 with 64gb microSD card in it.
    I like OPPO for its being close to AOSP, for being CyanogenMod friendly.
    I'm really looking forward to buy an OPPO but lack of external storage prevents me.

    Come on guys! You are our light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    Because having microSD card and removable battery might compromise your design? And, not having microSD card slot and removable battery might be a dealbreaker for SOME people, but most people (the mainstream) are not bothered in the slightest. I mean, look at iPhone. I'd think Oppo will try to appeal to the masses (although strangely they try to target the "geeks" as well).
  3. Sinan Çetinkaya New Member

    Apple users are ready to buy even trash cans if they see an apple picture on them.

    If OPPO comes up with a smartphone/phablet that has removable battery and external slot, I'm sure that many samsung users will move on to OPPO.
  4. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    Apple users = mainstream = money.
    If they can retain their design language (e.g. the Find 5's sleek design) and provide removable battery and external SD card then maybe yes. If they because of the external SD card and removable battery they have to use plastic back cover etc then I'm not so sure.. I said this because I'm one of the users who bought the Find 5 because of its design, and although I'd love external SD card and removable battery, I would not want to trade the design with those two features.
  5. m1ko Member

    And how is that a good thing?

    speaking of Microsd cards, they are slower than on–board memory, and i find my 32Gb to be enough on my find 5,and the removable battery makes the phone much more prone to shortcircuit (May water leak in the back cover)
  6. Corey M ColorOS Advisorus

    Simple solution.. If you need a removable battery and external storage than buy a different phone. OPPO didn't make a phone with removable battery and storage, deal with it lol. Guess what, they are not the only ones. In fact, more and more OEMS are doing this. And the truth is, more and more users are coming around. The unibody design is a beautiful thing. With cloud storage available nowadays, there's less need for extra storage in devices and I haven't needed to replace a battery in any of my phones...granted I upgrade quite frequently, but still, unless you want extra batteries to swap out then there's no need for a removable battery.

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  7. Sinan Çetinkaya New Member

    This topic was created for OPPO not for you. I did not ask you to come here and criticize my requirements. Are we clear on that?
    Secondly pull your head out of your country and see the people in other countries.
    May be one day after long years, you can even realize that Data plans in some countries are not as cheap as in your country.
    In fact, I know many people, even some are from the US, keep buying Samsung just because of external storage.
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  8. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I am okay with non removable battery as long as its above 3000 mah. I don't like the idea of replacing the battery with a bigger battery, compromises design after you put heavy battery and difficult to find accessories like reliable cases for the phone and its a waste after you have changed your phone. Instead I prefer external battery. Universal, doesn't matter if you change your phone and can be charged anywhere (mobile).

    As far as Sd card goes, I prefer sd card slot. Not a deal breaker, but they should give an option. When sony can make brilliantly designed and waterproof phone along with sd card slot, I expect nothing less from Oppo, because I know they can do it. Its cheap, I normally don't use sd card but only when am travelling and need to watch some shows and movies. Otherwise 16 gb is enough for my needs. Good that N1 supports OTG.
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  9. Corey M ColorOS Advisorus

    Oh really? If you don't want a response from the community than don't post openly in a public thread...duh! Are we clear on that?

    And if you didn't notice, the Find 5 is an international device.. works in other places than the the US, so something tells me this phone wasn't made for US markets only... Take that into consideration. Obviously us Americans aren't the only ones interested in a unibody design without extra storage. That's all.. I wasn't trying to be rude to you just realistic. I admit I shouldn't have said deal with it.. you have to anyway. No need to start in on personal attacks. I'm sure it was thought of and the decision was made. No point in crying over spilled milk.

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  10. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    Sinan Cetinkaya, if that reply was meant for Corey M, it was uncalled for. But let's be mature adults and not get into heated discussion.
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  11. Sinan Çetinkaya New Member

    Whenever I say something like above, always someone like him comes up and says "Why? I don't need them"
    I'm really wondering what makes such people think that they are the only smartphone users in the world?
    "External storage is not necessary, I have unlimited data, I use cloud storage" THIS IS YOU, most people in the world don't have that luxury! In my country, unlimited data plan is way expensive.

    They must learn one simple lesson, this a one damn big world and 6 billion people living in it. Each person has different priorities.
  12. Corey M ColorOS Advisorus

    Exactly... OPPO is not the only phone manufacturer. You have choices and plenty of those choices have what your looking for- removable battery and extra storage. :)

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  13. Sinan Çetinkaya New Member

    No I don't. Samsung is my only choice and is not AOSP friendly at all.
    Samsung is taking every possible measures to prevent users flashing custom roms, kernels etc.
    Samsung now brought KNOX, it's impossible to flash anything without voiding your warranty.

    All right. I'm done with this conversation, unless someone from OPPO posts here a reasonable answer.
  14. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    Sinan Cetinkaya, I think Sony is a good choice.And its waterproof, comes with Expandable memory.


    AOSP friendly. But be careful before unlocking bootloader if you buy it, seems to making an issue with camera
  15. DIYEyal New Memberil

    People been arguing around it for a while.
    Samsung approach, plastic with removable battery and microSD. Vs some other manufacturers that has a great build quality but no removable battery and storage.

    I call this argument ridiculous! Because you can have both!
    I had a Samsung U900T (not a smartphone) and it had a gorgeous aluminum removable back, microSD and a removable battery.
    I hope manufacturers will get it, people want the good from both worlds!

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  16. antos Well-Known Member

    Battery is removable.

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  17. Sinan Çetinkaya New Member

    If I'm going to buy an Android phone that doesn't have external SD slot and removable battery why would I want an OPPO device since there is Google's Nexus?
    Just visit XDA forums, ask people why are they buying Samsung rather than Google Nexus.
    They will tell you the same thing, external storage and removable battery.
    If, one day, I give up on external storage and removable battery, a Nexus device would be my first ever choice.
    Now it's up to you OPPO!
  18. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    Please take my comment as constructive criticism. Oppo knew what criticism they will attract if they don't provide what you want. Oppo made that choice. People buy devices with non expandable storage and non removable battery in millions and are non nexus. Oppo has advantage of bigger battery, display and a unique ROM with unique features over nexus, so does nexus over oppo. Pick your preference. These design choices have there advantages and disadvantages. People on xda will say that they offer what you want but you and I also know that they are not AOSP friendly, but oppo is. If you can't find what you want from major OEMs, you can look for options researching about smaller OEMs. If you can't find what you want, settle for the second best. I don't think you can go wrong with Sony. If you are expecting Oppo to reply to you questioning their decision about a product you didn't even buy, I think you are expecting too much. The battle for removable battery, sd card slot and AOSP friendly device is a lost cause, or may be a hope for future. But today is not that day.
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  19. Sinan Çetinkaya New Member

    That's why I want OPPO have that option too.

    My opinion, Sony is just playing nice for now. They are going to act in that way until they become another Samsung. Sony has never been developer friendly with their other products. I don't want Sony to have my money.

    OPPO is not available in my country! But sooner or later it'll be.

    I believe that OPPO can do this once they see they can sell enough.
    Even they can make an Ubuntu Touch phone if they want to.
    It's all about money.
  20. antos Well-Known Member

    If the promise is better software whitout usabile, good and stable software it sounds like a joke....

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