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United States Version

Discussion in 'N1 Product Discussion' started by Rusty, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Rusty New Member

    I'm hoping that the N1 comes to the United States.
    I've had two 5+ inch size smartphones. The Dell Streak & the Samsung Galaxy Note 1.
    There are a few devices out there, with 5" screens, but the feature set on the N1 appears
    to blow them out of the water.
    I'm hoping you release this in the United States, or make an "international" model that
    supports the frequencies in the United States.

  2. area. Well-Known Memberde

    The international version will come to the United States, too :)
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  3. remy kakonge Memberus

    Can't wait for it
  4. Rusty New Member

  5. aquabuddha New Member

    When will a pricing list be available for the N1 international?
  6. area. Well-Known Memberde

    I'm not sure, but I think it will cost ~560$... ;)
  7. Buffalo66 New Memberus

    Does anyone know if there will be LTE connectivity for the US?
  8. area. Well-Known Memberde

    Nope, no LTE. :/
  9. Rusty New Member

    LTE isn't such a deal breaker for me, my current device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (international version). When I bought it two years ago, LTE wasn't available in my market, and they just lit is up this past May, so, I've never had LTE, but the 3-6 meg download speed of H+, for my usage is quick enough for what I use. Mostly a few web pages, email, text. Mostly my device is used as a PHONE, and a camera to document problems I have with office machines I service. The thing that has me intrigued on the N1 is the f2.0 camera. The 6 element lens, on paper looks REALLY interesting. The problem I have now with the gambit of smart devices, IS THE CAMERA. Most take not "too" bad photos, but I need pretty good detail for what I use, which I post on tech bulletin boards & send to the manufacturers for evaluation.
  10. JohnW New Member

    I'd like to pre-order one. Is that possible? If not. Where and when exactly can I can buy the soonest? I'm talking about the CM limited version.

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  11. Vince808 New Member

    Will this work with Tmobile & ATT 3g since there is no LTE? Will LTE be in the next version?

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