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Satisfaction Survey of Color ROM 130828_Beta

Discussion in 'General ColorOS Discussion' started by Addel, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Addel Product Managercn

    Dear Ofans,

    In order to provide better products and services, we'd like to know how you like Color ROM 130828_Beta and what updates you like.

    It would be very helpful if you take a moment to participate in the satisfaction survey [ here ].

    Thanks for your supporting. :)
  2. Prezelino Active Memberit

    Done ;)
    EDIT: let's see if someone doesn't check "Upgraded system to the Android 4.2.2."!
  3. Aliokas Well-Known Memberie

    I left it blank, i had no issues and needed just longer lasting battery.

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  4. vv vv New Member

    Hi Addel !!!!!
    As for me,this is a best ROM in the world.!!!!!!
    But what i need:
    1. Hebrew keyboard
    2. Tools call recording.
  5. Darksurf Member

    Great rom. only a few things need attention that i can see right now.

    1 battery drain fix.
    2 Carrier icon gives "no service" in status bar
    3 Matching gapps icons.
    4 screen has "dead" edges
    5 Merging contacts fix
    6 Google Voice (Can't set voicemail to google voice, says it is set, but doesn't forward to Gvoice. Forwarding must me set manually. )

    These are the only bugs I've seen thus far. Still looking.

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  6. hesbond New Memberth

    For me after try to use 4.2.2 colour rom
    Still Battery drain ( i use cpuspy check cpu run @ 1.0 or 1.5Ghz still always open app or music )
    only one problem other things is good
    i love colour rom ^O^
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  7. Krit60 Membernl

    After using the latest ROM for some time:
    1. It is impossible to surpress the notifications in Calendar. I have tried to set the notification to only sound and the sound to silent but then Calendar crashes and you have to clean all data for the app in order to get to the settings again.
    2. THIS IS PITY!! The volume rockers won't wake up the phone anymore.... This was one of the nicest useability features for me...
    Overall things are getting better and better...
    What I still would like to see: Colors for the mail app, so i can see what account is used in the combined view... and the notification icoon could use that same color.... F
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  8. Hope that one day the rom can be translated to Spanish

    From my Find 5
  9. Varin Paul ColorOS Advisor

    Overall is great. Everything smoother.

    Battery life is ok for me. But I like to have option for more background color (Black, White) and for icons, I prefer the way of sony z ultra. Icons are small and sharp. They don't need extra work to make icons big and sharp like oppo. If I use app that not cover by oppo icons, it will be small with gray background. not look good at all. Just let it small and sharp as sony z ultra please. At least, make option for user to choose big or small icons.

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  10. Just love this phone. No complaints that all.

    From my Find 5

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  11. Karsten Skov Memberdk

    The color ROM is very nicely designed. However I've given up using it, because the status bar crashes quite often, that renders the phone pretty much useless. Now running 719.

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  12. I been using color ROM L version and its OK

    From my Find 5
  13. Karsten Skov Memberdk

    Thanks for the heads up, but I'll stick with the latest stable fw. At this point I'm fed up with re-flashing and setting up the phone. :eek:

    Best regards

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  14. tobek New Member

    Could you please fix the gps issue. I've already mentioned it at the "gps acts strangely" topic. I cannot use endomondo at all! :(

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  15. MrWilliamWallace Well-Known Memberus

    Try run keeper. It works fine.

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  16. Cylon Active Membernl

    Battery life in this version SUCKS, Color ROM V1.0.0_3333L was way better.
    Biggest drain seems to be the mobile network, even when I'm not calling.
    Oppo why do you keep f*cking things up here..
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  17. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    This issue is already noticed by Addel, and confirmed they are working on it. So take it easy and watch your language as minors reading this to. Thanks.
  18. Daniel Azevedo Active Memberpt

    You can root your phone and install MORE LOCALE 2 from Playstore...that gives you the chance to have Spanish as language.

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    Overall performance of the rom is quite good.
    Some problems like battery drain and minor bugs as the absence of full ringtone when i receive a call or sms.
    You could improve also with a good language pack, like the one of international beta.

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  19. Soliwilos New Member

    This morning my alarm snoozed itself after maybe a minute or so, and it seemed consistent throughout the time I let it ring.

    Entirely unrelated, but Firefox 23 was also behaving strangely, such as giving 404's for pages that actually work and opening google instead of opening some sites. The Firefox issue went away after I had shut down and powered on the phone again.

    After further exploration of the alarm clock, it is automatically "snoozed" because of the power saving feature which turns off the screen after a set amount of time. In my case, this was 1 minute and basically rendered my alarm ineffective. I would like the alarm to have priority in this case.

    I may have been wrong and should have tested my theory. Today my alarm still snoozed itself after about a minute, even with a backlight timer of 30 minutes.
  20. Cylon Active Membernl

    Next problem.
    Volume suddenly is low, its already at max and its hard to hear the order person.


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