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[ROM][2013-02-25] Official International 12.A.03 - DEODEX/ROOT

Discussion in 'Find 5 | Third Party Development' started by kAmMa, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. kAmMa Well-Known Membercz

    i cannot reproduce this issue... ;(
  2. maxsosuke Membercn

    Hi,Are you added the Japanese into the System???Wish it.
  3. Chandramohan Member

    Hi, Kamma,

    Does your ROM have TUN KO support for VPN
  4. Fabrizio75 New Member

    Hi Kamma,
    i have installed your rom , all is ok but now i would to return at the early software and original rom when the shop shipped my phone.
    My phone is chinese and i have installed the internatonal firmware and then you rom with the twrp recovery. How can i do this? If i do factory reset from recovery what happen? Thank you, i am italian from Florence.
  5. CDynu Active Memberro

    Good question ! I want to know ,too . Can flash from twrp the original recovery ?- or, if something goes wrong , directly from PC ?
  6. kAmMa Well-Known Membercz

    all you need, is to download official ROM, copy it to internal storage and flash via TWRP. after that, the phone is exactly as new...
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  7. Fabrizio75 New Member

    thank you, where i can download it please? Thank you again for your amazing work.
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  8. Eirik Active Memberno

    Can you please post pictures of this ROM in the first post? Would love to see how it looks :)
  9. n1ck New Member

    Great Work, I've slightly modded and made a cut down version, however i've noticed the latest firmware has change the carrier name settings, Mine Used To Say '02' now it says 'Telefonica 02 UK Limited' across the status bar, and as you can probably tell it takes up most of the status bar.
    Which files do i need to copy across from old Rom to change it back?
  10. kAmMa Well-Known Membercz

    probably its in system/lib/libril-qc-qmi-1.so
  11. n1ck New Member

    Nope, Thanks for your help
  12. detritu5 New Member

    No more updates?
  13. paperwastage Active Member

    you can manually deodex if you want... probably there's a script available(or cook your own)

    roughly, you'll need apktool, baksmali/smali,

    for regular system apps
    use baksmali to decompile odex to smali, the smali to make the classes.dex file

    then copy the classes.dex into the .apk

    for framework apps, maybe there's a few more steps
  14. jirazabal New Member

    works great but realized battery life is a little short. :/
  15. detritu5 New Member

    Still based in original 25-02-2013 firmware or actually are in the last 28-03?
  16. Siswanda Suharli ColorOS Advisorid

    Do you have deodex for another firmware like X909AS_13_130413?

    Thanks and great job

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  17. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

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  18. Siswanda Suharli ColorOS Advisorid

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  19. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    Very easy to use.
  20. Siswanda Suharli ColorOS Advisorid

    Can you help me how to push deodex to phone?

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