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oppo R8113?

Discussion in 'Older OPPO Devices' started by Edi Haryanto, May 1, 2013.

  1. Edi Haryanto New Member

    oppo find way, is it only available in Indonesia?
  2. Kazuteru TAMURA Honored Memberjp

    R8113 is the OPPO Find Piano.
    The OPPO Find Way is U7015.
    R8113 and U7015 available in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

    I want the OPPO Find Way, I hope the Find Way is sold on oppostyle.com!
  3. kuy channy New Member

  4. kuy channy New Member

    how can i change language in oppo?
  5. mahatma wisnhu New Member

    Can somebody help me?....
    I can't disable my screen lock,
    Setting >> security >> change screen lock

    But i can't turn on my "access"....
    I used oppo find piano r8113
  6. dump9x Memberid

    setting, then tap language and input method.

    hope this help
  7. dump9x Memberid

    tap close 1st then turn it off

    hope this help
  8. Raedi Fadil New Member

    i cannot disable my screen lock to, i had turn it off but this problem still remain
  9. dump9x Memberid

    use old trick then :) this is work when i use "other" phone before oppo, go to playstore find "no lock"
  10. Jost New Member

    Change language to Bahasa ind. or better vietnmese or what? Never seen such a poor device and support :(
  11. Jost New Member

    I want the OPPO Find Way, I hope the Find Way is sold on oppostyle.com!
    Do u know, what i want? I would like that OPPO would not be sold anywhere. ;)
    Never seen such a poor support at all :(
  12. Rhackz New Member

    HI can somebody help me? I cannot download any applications anymore stating I have a insufficient memory where in for the memory storage I have stll 7gb to fill in and 2gb in the phone memory what should I do? my phone is Oppo R831

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