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OPPO onlinestore now in EU

Discussion in 'Find 5 | General Discussion' started by iceman#1, May 24, 2013.

  1. bert0 New Member

    i have ordered my find 5 three days ago (last email status was "processed") and now i can't login in the site... authentication failed, anyone has this problem?
  2. Fozec New Memberse

    They have just open their EU homepage and got alot of orders i think :) So its just down at the moment! :)
  3. bert0 New Member

    I hope so, i can't wait :)
  4. J0lle New Memberno

    The site is superslow.. also, no resolution for us not living in EU :( Still have to pay heaps of taxes..
  5. Fozec New Memberse

    Really.. It have been more then two hours now and i have tried to place an order on the website but still impossible..? Wasnt you ready for this good respons or what did happend, oppo?
  6. ficino Active Member

    I think Oppostyle is not the same as Oppo. It's a different company so you have to blame Oppostyle i guess..
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  7. Fozec New Memberse

    But Oppostyle is a "company" that works along with Oppo themselfs.. So the company we blame for the bad homepage and order issues is themselfs..
  8. ficino Active Member

    Well, I looked it up because i wanted to know also and this is what Carl, Community Manager at Oppo says about Oppostyle:

    "OppoStyle.com is run by a Hong Kong trading company not officially affiliated with us."

    I hope this makes things more clearly.
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  9. Fozec New Memberse

    Okey awesome info! Thanks!
  10. J0lle New Memberno

    Also, oppostyle is on facebook - just search for oppostyle (not able to post links yet)
  11. jippen New Member

    Ordered :)
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  12. --schurli-- New Memberat

    I cannot log into the chinese homepage (oppostyle.com)...every time when i try it, i am redirected to the european site!
    what can i do? i want to look after my order! :(
  13. kowning Membernl

    Same problem here.
  14. BlancatoPC New Member

    Just ordered the 32GB version.
    The problem for me was Google Chrome, with Internet Exploreer okay.

    Now I have to find the right accessories .....
  15. kowning Membernl

    I used a proxy to get around the redirecting. Check http://www.proxy4free.com/list/webproxy1.html for example to get a proxy.
  16. AdmiralAnimE New Memberbg

    For some reason the store doesn't load at all in Firefox, loads fully in IE, and loads partially in Chrome. Firefox says "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."
  17. --schurli-- New Memberat

    @ kowning

    thanks for the info...i am not a friend of proxy's because of the security, but i've tried it...
    is it working for you? i cannot see the details of my order...it's written "Page no longer available"! What's wrong? :(
  18. kowning Membernl

    Can't get it working anymore atm. But when I checked, I didn't check the details. The status was allready shown in the overview page, so there was no need to do so.
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  19. Haas Active Membernl

    nice the covers are 25 euro instead of 30 :) Still expensive but we are getting there! (if transport is free that is...)
  20. Rafael Pinilla New Memberfr

    My friends will buy an OPPO Find 5 without taxes, easyly.

    Thanks OPPO ! o/

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