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Oppo In Indonesia?

Discussion in 'All About OPPO' started by Reza Panji Utomo, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Reza Panji Utomo New Member

    Will Oppo available in Indonesia??
    And if its not, which SEA countries will it be available??

    Thank you
  2. Danny Well-Known Member

    For SEA, our phones have been available in Thailand since 2005.

    However, we do plan to enter Indonesia later in 2013, so stay tuned. :cool:
  3. Hanx New Member

    great news.. I hope oppo will not be an old phone when it available in Indonesia.. soon is better I think.
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  4. Boris Juni New Member

    I really hope Oppa go to Indonesia as soon as possible, I am very interested in the product Oppo
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  5. Ivan Memberid

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  6. Rianto Harsono New Memberid

    i plan to buy through my friend in china and bring to Indonesia.
  7. tino96 Memberit

    I want to know as well what the fastest way is to get an international version.
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  8. woelank New Memberid

    Oppo better have a good after sales service in indonesia, at least on big cities first.. And make a good advert, so you don't become another "cheap Chinese Phone" in people's minds...
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  9. Ivan Memberid

    @woelank: Agree bro, at least focus on Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung. Make an extremely good advert, make a grand launch event if necessary.
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  10. Rianto Harsono New Memberid

    i think its better when make a launch invite kaskus.co.id, detik.com, kompas.com and other big online site in indonesia.
    if you join in indocomtech, mega bazaar, or FKI (festival komputer indonesia) event at jakarta convention center, i'm sure you will get
    brand awareness since a lot of people always come to buy tech product.
    and for selling just make partnership with indonesia online store (recommended blibli.com).
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  11. Ivan Memberid

    also, make a good deal on your advert on your best features (probably those that are better than current popular S3 and Note II). From what I see so far is:
    1. Benchmark and performance
    2. Camera 13 MP that actually produce great pictures (seriously, Xperia 13 MP is barely good in many sense)
    3. 1080p with 441 ppi equal to 50" HDTV (that will draw the crowd crazy)
    Other than that:
    Get a reasonable price, no matter how hard you try, the "Chinese Brand" will give you a hard time more than you think, but with the right movement (and probably an extremely competitive prize), there are a lot of potential to steal Indonesia Market.
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  12. Cheevin Member

    the price is 2998RMB it is not expensive
  13. Ivan Memberid

    though I really don't mind with the pricing with these kind of specification though that I am an android enthusiast, Indonesian market is quite tricky in most. For starter: Indonesian people most uses Blackberry device, a big part of them quite strict about having a Blackberry is a must for business part.

    Wealthier high-class society group of people, worship Apple to their blood. Fortunately, this group, really have no idea where to spend their money so, basically they usually hold 3 Handsets: Blackberry, iPhone and Android. Most of the Android for this group is a flagship, but not necessarily means it will easy to sell a high-end handset, since this group only care about "Brand" and Samsung is the only Android manufacturer who really steal the high-end market in Indonesia. Why? Simply because their marketing is extremely aggressive. S3 and Notes 2 already generated hype 2-3 month before release. The launching promotion is also crazy with USD 50-100 price cut and the events were held in 3 biggest Mall in capital City.

    The last group of people are the ones who use Andorid for casual use. This group will only buy only budget and mid-range phone, this is where Lenovo, Sony budget phone (Xperia U, P, Miro, etc) really shines. Now, this group of people will not spend more than approximately USD 250. Since Oppo Find 5 will enter the high-end flagship. Well, they better be prepared, like @Rianto Harsono already told them here a few post earlier:
    "i think its better when make a launch invite kaskus.co.id, detik.com, kompas.com and other big online site in indonesia.
    if you join in indocomtech, mega bazaar, or FKI (festival komputer indonesia) event at jakarta convention center, i'm sure you will get
    brand awareness since a lot of people always come to buy tech product.
    and for selling just make partnership with indonesia online store (recommended blibli.com)."
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  14. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    The rest of the world needs to be wake-up!
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  15. zulahadi New Member

    Fellow Rakyat Indonesia here, I'm very excited about Find 5. I'm planning to be an early-adopter for Find 5 :)
  16. paralove8 New Member

    i can only hope that the price tag when it available in indonesia won't be too high.because lot of budget minded devices when come to indonesia,isn't so budget minded device anymore.and i hope oppo can have a good customer service and service center.because it is so sad that motorola isn't so famous anymore in indonesia because of their bad customer service and service center.so there's only a few store sells motorola
  17. Jodie Hank New Member

    Well usually stuff coming to indonesia always reduced in specs, hopefully Oppo won't do that
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  18. adonwenas New Member

    Yup.... usually Price Droping....
    but a good product it must have a good Specs....
  19. Hafiz New Member

    A good approach to enter Indonesia smartphone market is by opening an official distributor and advertise in the right places. I don't think it will be hard for OPPO Find 5 to compete with other brands in Indonesia as the specs are truly amazing with affordable price.
  20. dm2037 New Member

    INDONESIA should be a big market with many willing to pay customers, who are aware of specifications and after sales service. Some may have particular brand allegiance, but many more will be VALUE oriented, seeking the best bangs for bucks! I look forward to having OPPO showing up in Indonesia with QUALITY, VALUES, SERVICES, driving away the demonized inferior quality perception of China's native brand.

    However, such very low perception and appreciation to many China's native brands aren't the wrongdoing by Indonesian consumers alone! Many China's manufacturers make the same mistakes:

    -selling stuffs that need service support yet do not provide such adequate services

    -selling stuffs in Indonesia WITHOUT STRONG OWN PRESENCE in this country, just relying too much to the Indonesian importers. Many of such traders will try to maximize their profits in the shortest possible time (short-time objective) by undercut the buying prices from China's manufacturers; hence, undercut the goods quality and/or specifications! Eventually such unwise or even greedy moves will totally destroy the brand images of the product themselves. That's what happens to many China's brands in Indonesia [with several exception of China's big names]. Consumers finally are losing the faiths. Both Japanese and Korean makers are quite aware of these matters. Samsung achieve great success in Indonesian market not only because they make quality products but also they have strong own presence in Indonesia. They are in command of their own products & strategies here, not just mainly relying to their local partners!!

    Having said above, if OPPO is serious with Indonesian market, OPPO should make a strong OWN presence in Indonesia in cooperation with strong local partners incl. providing adequate after sales service. And please have respect to Indonesian prospective consumers to their intelligence & quality & specs awareness; please do NOT strip down the quality and specifications of the OPPO products sold in Indonesian market. Nowadays the consumers' awareness are very strong, and the flow of information is pretty fast. surely there are some android community in Indonesia...

    Btw Ivan already posted earlier in lengthy lots of relevant and useful info!

    I wish you luck and many successes OPPO, and remember, TIMING is a crucial factor too! Please make your strong presence in Indonesian market soon, and do it in the right way.

    I really wanna have quality choices "beyond the ifruit and samesong" and am a seeker of the best value for money! Give a BIG damn to the brand name, prestige and the over, costly advertising!
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