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OPPO in Europe

Discussion in 'All About OPPO' started by AIT-Solutions, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    Thanks for starting this Oppo Forum. As we already talking for a long time with Oppo about starting business in Europe we are a little bit surprised about the latest news. As we are talking for a long time about a Multi Language version, Oppo has still not confirmed that the Oppo FINDer 5 will support this. From the samples (Finder 4 Chinese and Thai) we have received from Oppo, all are still not supporting Multi language. We are still waiting for more answers as many others on this forum asking for sales distribution points all over the world. Could you please more clear about ML versions and sales distribution points? Not only for our company but for all interested in your product.
    Thanks, in advance
    G.Albus PMC-International AIT-Solutions

    Please see below the mail for your ref.
  2. Danny Well-Known Member

    As email is a private medium, I have removed the email you pasted into your post. Multilanguage support will not be available on launch, but is something that will come later.
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  3. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    Dear Danny,
    Could you confirm the Language setting on launch of the first Oppo FINDer 5 ? Is this the same as the Oppo Finder 4 i.e. Chinese & English? Please advice.

    Thanks in advance,

    G.Albus PMC-International AIT-Solutions
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  4. Rianto Harsono New Memberid

    i just want to know where i can buy oppo find 5 the international version in china
    i intend to buy through friend in china
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  5. Danny Well-Known Member

    Hardware wise, there will only be one device. Once the international firmware comes out, you can flash your China-bought Find 5 into an international one.

    Yes, that's right.
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  6. tino96 Memberit


    is there going to be physical Oppo stores in Europe?

    More precisely Ireland, is there going to be Oppo stores/sale points there? One where I can walk in and purchase a Find5?

    A lot of big companies like Intel, Dell and Microsoft have come to Ireland, good linking between Europe and the US :)
    Otherwise will you have shops/stores/sale points in Italy?

    Please reply to this thread.
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  7. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    Dear Danny,

    How about the FINDer 4 , Any idea when international firmware comes out? Latest update is X907-13-4-08-121130 and still mixed language Chinese signs in English Settings.
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  8. Danny Well-Known Member

    The Finder was never meant to be an international product.
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  9. kimkafwan New Memberfr

    Really? the find5 is too big and the finder near perfect for my use :pokenose:
  10. Danny Well-Known Member

    Don't worry. The Find 5 is just the start. We have more fun stuff planned. ;)
  11. Kiswum New Membernl

    Wow this is great to know, to bad that there is no stock for the case/wireless dock.
    I hope Oppo can give soon some more info about smaller Oppo 5 devices. The Oppo Finder seems to have a perfect measurement and I hope it will also be available here in Europe.
  12. tino96 Memberit

    Are they new flagship phones :) ?
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  13. Kiswum New Membernl

  14. Adri New Member

    It sounds great!!
  15. Cookie Well-Known Memberbe

    This sounds promising... : D Oppo having big plans? Yeah!
  16. Canalfeder New Member

    I hope that Oppo Find 5 will be arrive in Europe ( and in Italy)...
  17. SlashAlex New Member

    I want it in Italy.
  18. Jorge SS New Member

    Don't forget Spain please!
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  19. MARCODROID New Member

    I really hope it will be sell in Italy as well!!!
  20. PR2005 Memberfr

    that sounds realy nice! Come one Oppo Europe is waiting for you :)

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