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OPPO Find Way S unveiled - It's Thailand version of OPPO U2S

Discussion in 'Older OPPO Devices' started by Kazuteru TAMURA, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Kazuteru TAMURA Honored Memberjp

    THAI OPPO, OPPO's Thailand branch, announced a new smartphone.
    OPPO Find Way S U707 unveiled.
    It is Thailand version of OPPO U2S U707T.
    Supports W-CDMA network for 3G.
    OPPO Find Way S is available in Thailand.

    ■OPPO Find Way S U707 - Specifications
    -Model: U707
    -Type: Touch screen bar
    -OS: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
    -SoC: MediaTek MT6589
    -CPU: Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7
    -CPU frequency: 1.2GHz
    -GPU: Imagination PowerVR SGX544
    -3G network: W-CDMA 2100(I)/900(VIII)/850(V) MHz
    -2G network: GSM 1900/1800/900/850 MHz
    -Size: 152.0×75.8×9.4(mm), 182.0(g)
    -Screen: 5.5-inch, HD(720×1280), IPS LCD, 16.7M colors
    -Touch panel: Capacitive, Multi-touch
    -Rear facing camera: 8MP
    -Front facing camera: 5MP
    -Camera function: Auto Focus, Continuous Focus, Touch Focus
    -RAM: 1GB
    -ROM: 16GB
    -Connectivity: Bluetooth, WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Mobile hotpot
    -External memory: Unavailable
    -Battery: 3000mAh
    -Color: White
    -Available: Thailand

    *You can find more information at OPPO Mobile (THAI OPPO) on Facebook.

    1274806_551645174884446_1489165686_o.jpg 1267198_551263704922593_792309707_o.jpg
  2. Filip Fors New Member

    Any thoughts on find way s? Im in bangkok for a couple of days and thinking about buying this phone. Does it have international warranty? I live in Sweden.
  3. salim yoe New Member

    is it available on colour os? if that possible to use colour os where can i download it?

    Salim Yoe
  4. Zanr Zij© New Membervn

    Chinese variant, U2S, already have ColorOS beta. You can find it on bbs.coloros.com :)

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  5. salim yoe New Member

    :pi dont understand mandarin is it posible to get direct link. ^^
  6. Zanr Zij© New Membervn

  7. salim yoe New Member

    can't download. link always error. don't know my network or what. always loading page error. so i think i'll wait until oppo forum announce find way s colour os release. thanks alot. :)
  8. Zanr Zij© New Membervn

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  9. Kazuteru TAMURA Honored Memberjp

    Thailand version don't have international warranty.
    You can receive after-sales-service only in Thailand.
    Its after-sales-service provide by Thailand branch of OPPO.
  10. Kazuteru TAMURA Honored Memberjp

    Mobile network type is different between Thailand version and China version.
    Thailand version supports W-CDMA/GSM, China version supports TD-SCDMA/GSM.
    If you installed Chinese ROM to Thailand version, mobile network may not work.
    Please be careful!
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  11. Warokz New Member

    Finally it's arrive here in Indonesia. Oppo Find Way S (U707). The processor is quad core 1,5 GHz and the rest of it, as mentioned on post #1. Feel sturdy, good material. Here are the brief :

    Pros :
    1. Best low light camera, similar to Oppo Find Mirror (R819) - tech spec : f/2.0 and wide angle lens. 8MP main camera, 5MP front
    2. Quick camera start-up
    3. Corning Gorilla glass type 2 (scratch resistance)
    4. Snappy menu - smooth
    5. Double tap to wake the phone, and double tap on front cam to capture photo.
    6. Amazing video performance
    7. Impressive build quality and design
    8. Beauty Plus 3.0 camera enhancement plugin
    9. Dual Micro SIM Card (you can select/switch 3G data network on either SIMcard)

    Cons :
    1. No external memory slot
    2. Screen sometimes flickering (small amount, for those with sensitive eagle eyes)
    3. Oppo Find Way S is a dual on, dual standby phone (you can't use both number at the same time, unlike HTC One DualSim)
    4. You can only have 3G on one slot only.
    5. Expensive (IDR 5 Million)

    That's my brief review, based on my experience with Oppo Find Way S (U707). Overall, this is a very good phone !

    Cheers !

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  12. salim yoe New Member

    im using it already. waiting for colour os. still can't find it:p
  13. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    how is Find Way S compared to R819?
  14. Warokz New Member

    - Build Quality, score almost the same. R819 has a slightly better structure and material.
    - Camera, R819 has slightly wider lens (it's like R819 24mm, U707 27mm in digital photography)
    - Size, R819 is "pocket friendly" (small and slim), U707 is big (like Note 3)
    - Body, R819 back case contains metal (magnesium alloy - make it scratch proof). U707 using baby skin spray crafts, feeling soft and firm in hand.
    - Screen, U707 using corning gorilla glass 2 (scratch proof). R819 is also scratch proof but i'm not sure what it is (i'm lucky to see R819 and oppo find 5 demo back then, the R819 got trampled, stomped by a safety boot, heavily abused but not s single scratch on it. What makes me drool is an oppo find 5 got crushed by a car and it does not broken !)
    - Front camera, R819 = 2 MP, U707 = 5 MP. R819 has a wider lens, resulting "goblin like" self foto
    - Main camera, R819 have a decent sensor, i think both use the same sensor (8 MP). Both can perform nice shoot in low light. Based on my test, both perform better and faster start up than an iphone 5. U707 has a slightly better, more natural and slight warm color rendition. U707 has a dedicated ISP (Image Signal Processing) chip, which is proven when you look at the captured image.
    - Battery, i'm not testing R819's battery so i can't comment. U707 last more than a day with normal use.

    Price, here in Indonesia it cost Rp. 3.5 Million for R819, and Rp. 4.999 Million for Find Way S. I'm using Find Way S myself.
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  15. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    I just saw the Find Way S yesterday in the shop. Nice phone! I really like the simple design, and the polycarbonate finish for the back part. Unfortunately Find Way S are only released in certain markets (unlike Find 5, R819, and N1) so I imagine the software support must be rather lacking. The price tag is a bit too high as well. Just for another hundred thousands rupiah you can buy the Find 5.
  16. Warokz New Member

    Indeed. Find Way S is a bit overpriced. But still i'll pick it instead find 5 because of the camera. Find Way S can shot a way better picture than find 5. As for the software, i think it's doing just fine for now.

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  17. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    My Find 5 can shoot good pictures just fine; so the photo results of Find Way S must be really impressive then. Could you please share one or two pics which show Find Way S superiority over Find 5? I'm curious tee hee :)
  18. Warokz New Member

    Yes. Really impressive, my friends are now always asking me to do the photo shoot. I suggest you to try the low light example in the Oppo store as they have a "low light box" to play with. Oppo Find Way S can shoot a decent picture in low light or bad or mixed tone lighting. If you see find 5 is better, then find 5 serve and suit your taste well, but apparently not for me :)

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  19. Warokz New Member

    These are some of extremely low light scene shot with Find Way S. Mind you that in this condition, iph*ne 5, s*ms*ng s4, note 2, and all similar phone are fail to make photo. Some of them won't even autofocus :

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  20. Shell Shell New Member

    Recently I bought a OPPO U707 china version. The however does not come with Google play store. I tried to download play store APK, unfortunately it crashes upon launch. Any way to solve this?

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