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Oppo Find 7(?) and Oppo R809T

Discussion in 'Future Products' started by Apogee, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Apogee Active Member

    Oppo Find 7 (?)
    Well, apparently this phone is going to be .2mm thick according to the Chinese source
    The full read is over here at Gizchina.
    Personal thoughts:
    Impossible with current technology. Of course, I would only want thinner if that meant a battery bigger than 3000mah. .2mm aside, the phone has some similar design aspects to the Find 5, you can pretty much tell from the source image. The phone itself does look very thin though in the picture, but I don't think .2mm is plausible. Only time will tell though. I do love the design however, it looks amazing with the black slab going for it. I would be pretty happy to just have the Find 5 updated with a Snapdragon 600/800 or Tegra 4i (any next-gen chip) and a 3000+mAH battery that will last at least a day on moderate-heavy usage. At least as long as a Note 2.

    Oppo R809T
    You can also head over to Gizchina to check out this story.
    Personal thoughts:
    The Oppo R809T measures at 6.13mm thick but will target the lower end of the spectrum featuring a very popular quad-core Mediatek MT6589 and sport a 4.5-inch display. To justify Oppo, the MT6589, although Mediatek, performs pretty decently and has become very popular in a lot of recent lower end cheaper Chinese phones. A lot of those phones even sporting 1080P 5" displays that aren't half bad. The closest example equivalent of the MT6589 in performance is that it benches similar to the S4 Dual-cores.

    I, however, don't like the price of $403 or 2500 yuan. Just an estimate at this point but when you compare it to other companies that are releasing $250-$350 5" 1080P MT6589 phones, it's not quite worth it. Some even featuring 3000+mAH batteries. It should be noted, the Xiaomi MI2S features 32GB model with a 4.3 inch 720P display with a Snapdragon 600 for only $367 USD.

    So what are your thoughts on these phones Oppo may have up for release?
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  2. MrWilliamWallace Well-Known Memberus

    Gizchina thinks the top one is just the screen and frame from a find 5, .2 mm would be impossible the chip is probably a mm or 2 on its own. The other one looks like a nice mid range device.

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  3. Piterson Well-Known Memberus

    Oh gosh the media sucks. how in one picture...aint even worth my full comment
  4. Martinrm ColorOS Advisorus

    That looks like a big phone, honestly I wouldn't want anything larger than 5 inches for a phone.

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  5. Piterson Well-Known Memberus

    Yeah me neither. Even the 5 incher is somewhat big for my hands. I held a Samsung galaxy s2 US version and it felt so wonderful in my hand. The size was great and I was able to manage it well. But it reminded of how much I hate super amoled displays

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  6. mengfei Member

    whatever happened to Oppo find 6 :D
  7. NODO-GT Member

    IMHO at price of 400$ with this specs, Nexus 4 is much better deal, unless you desperately need thin phone :)

    It's good to see oppo working on new products, I hope this company will grow fast
  8. Apogee Active Member

    The Nexus 4 isn't available everywhere in the world. Also, the Nexus 4 has its downfalls. Storage being a big one, @ only 8gb and 16GB and not expandable.
  9. YssWorks Well-Known Membernl

    I dont like it. Very weird looking shapes. :eek:
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  10. drvsbsm Active Memberus

    They need to get this (Oppo Find 5) Flagship phone running really good before they get to carried away. If they move to fast and leave their customer base behind they will lose it quickly, look at some of the other big manufacturers, they fell before doing the same thing. They need to commit and stay committed to the Find 5 until it is bug free and butter smooth, and keep it updated also is all I'm saying. Don't leave a product behind too quickly, Oppo will lose a lot of customers that way. At least internationally anyway.
  11. Anubhav Anand New Memberin

    That is most probably just the screen of a smartphone (a big one at that)
  12. sleepycat New Memberhk

    ........2 mm & 7 inches?!
    it will look so weird........
  13. omran Memberjo

    i decided to buy Find5 but i heard a rumor that oppo will lunch soon anew device is that true
    if that right i will wait for the new one because i hope it have a LTE tech
  14. Bubbles New Membernl

    Please no Locked Boggeddown tegra 4 shit!!
  15. Griffrez New Member

    The 5 in Find 5 doesn't mean it's the 5th find. It means 5 inches (the screen size).
  16. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    According to your logic, Oppo Find 7 will be a 7" phone then? Does not sound right.
  17. MrWilliamWallace Well-Known Memberus

    Oppo made a Find, Find 3, and now Find 5 so that is why everyone assumes it will be Find 7.

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  18. Griffrez New Member

    Sounds better than going to Find 7, when there isn't even a Find 6, plus, look at the screen in the display... I think that whoever was thinking about that picture did think it was big enough to be 7 inch, maybe? Again, thinking that it has to do with screen size seems a way more believable answer than simply skipping to Find 7 when there isn't a Find 6, and having a Find 5, when, apparently, there hasn't even been Find 1 to Find 4.
  19. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    Find? Find 3? Where you see that, where you read about that. I never heared from this.
  20. MrWilliamWallace Well-Known Memberus

    Lots of old threads and a history of Oppo on the board. These were all only sold in China. The Find 3 had a slide out keyboard and had tv commercials with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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