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Oppo Find 5 Midnight

Discussion in 'Find 5 | General Discussion' started by Dragon Emperor Joe, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Tan Shou Heng Active Member

    Anyone got their handsome midnight on their hand already? :)
  2. Redcliff Well-Known Memberde

    thats what i say.
    last, when i get this message, i have to send the oppo or paypal bill to dhl, and have to pay 81 € tax.

    and now......i think i have the same sh...... again.

    Further Detail:
    The Clearance process for this shipment is pending till such time that some additional details required for clearance are provided to the regulatory authorities Next Step:
    If you are the shipper who prepared the documentation, please contact DHL Customer Service for further details
  3. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    Who declared it as gift? Oppo insured it for $ 150 and this is used as the basis for the tax.
  4. Astraeus New Memberus

    Mine will be here today! This will be my first new phone in almost 4 years! I've been using the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, and the Find 5 has been the first device released that I felt was worth the upgrade. DHL shipping has been incredible as well. From Hong Kong to Miami in 15 hours...on a Sunday...
  5. Brand1sh Active Member

    Mine is on the DHL van and should be in my hands by the end of the day. Crazy considering it was in Hong Kong 3 days ago!

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  6. Rikorose Member

    same here -,-
  7. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    Insist what is on the packet is all you know. Easy.
  8. warlord Membergb

    Hi all
    Just joined the forum :) but been reading a couple weeks :p

    My midnight has been sitting in Germany for 24hrs and no notes etc.

    I have phoned DHL and they have said there is no delay (strange as a lot here seem to have gone in and out a lot quicker) anyhow they have said it will be leaving later today, and delivered tomorrow, no mention of taxes "YET"

    Here's hoping

  9. jungholtz New Member

    Strange. I had quite a couple of telephone calls because the Beauty has been ordered by my Company which has never imported anything from outside Europe. In this case one must request issuance of an EORI number with another authority. This request together with a sending protocol from the fax sending and a copy of the original invoice had to be provided to DHL by mail. In Addition, one had to fill out a contract that askd DHL to treat tax issues in behalf of a third party (me;)). So this is how it goes if your boss (possibly yourself) is doing you a favour.

    Take care
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  10. Cardamar New Membernl

    Hi there,

    Like warlord above, I've been reading on this forum for quite a while. I was convinced to buy a Find 5 Midnight as well and am waiting for it to arrive. Mine is in Amsterdam since this morning; DHL tracking gives me the following message right now:

    The Clearance process for this shipment is on-going with additional details required for clearance. The clearance process will continue once the additional details are provided for clearance.

    Wondering how long this will take, I didn't receive e-mails or calls from DHL to provide assistance.

    I guess it'll be all worth the wait!!
  11. jungholtz New Member

    I'd recommend to act (call) instead of waiting.
  12. Redcliff Well-Known Memberde

    i phoned to dhl...dhl has send a mail to oppo about the price and content inside
    two things you can do. ..
    1. wait that oppo send a answer, with low prices.
    but why should they do that, and how long will it take?

    2. you will send it by yourself. this will be fast, and expensive. ....81 €.
  13. Cardamar New Membernl

    So which option did you take? :)

    Tried to call, but customer service is closed for today. I will try again in the morning.
  14. Redcliff Well-Known Memberde


    i still think about..........I don't wanna pay the big tax a second time.
  15. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    You may have luck at Frankfurt Airport is a strike. :)
  16. Faheem Active Membergb

    Guys am not certain on this but I think UK has highest taxes in Europe, I bought 32gb OF5 and had to pay £26.50 tax once you pay tax phone is delivered the next day, good luck folks.

    PS plz post vids and pics of black OF5, wanna see what it looks like.
  17. zelly Member

    Mine is sent today. I was afraid they should set the value for what it really is, so I asked them to do this on the message of the order. Same with paypal order. I hope DHL or customs cant see that I wrote this, and that the value is really 150 USD. Did any of you get reciept on the package, or only by mail? What do you think?
  18. Merko Active Memberno

    Oh.. DHL.

    They even call me earlier today and said they were gonna deliver it tomorrow around 8-10AM.

    Not long ago i recieved a txt saying they were missing some papers and the pack was stopped in customs.. now they are shipping it back to Oslo.. more days to wait.. :(

  19. Eniotna89 New Memberbe

    Oh bad luck :/ Clearance events really seem random... Hope you'll receive it tomorrow !
    My packet has been accepted by customs after sending the email, no informations about what I'll need to pay.

  20. sjaak Membernl

    My Find 5 has been in Amsterdam for the last 24 hours, without any status update.

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