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OPPO Find 5 Kernel Source Code

Discussion in 'Find 5 | Third Party Development' started by Carl, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Carl Active Memberse

  2. kAmMa Well-Known Membercz

    i already forked it... thanks
  3. Tiago OPPO Ambassadorpt


    Let the games begin! :p
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  4. maarten New Membernl

  5. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    Again a big step forwards! Super, thanks!
  6. DerekUI Membercn

  7. Nick Vicious Membernl

  8. TuxRacer Member

    Try and contact xda-developers so we can get our own section there :)
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  9. Nick Vicious Membernl

  10. Arctic Prodigy Well-Known Memberus

    I would definitely like to see a section just for OPPO Find 5 for everyone at the XDA forums :)
  11. Nick Vicious Membernl

    How can we help in starting up that process? Maybe notify some guys at XDA that the code has been released?
  12. Wootever Active Member

    Write a private Message to one of the Moderators, that should do it.
  13. Nick Vicious Membernl

    I have sent two messages to the XDA crew concerning the kernel release, hoping that it will pay of :p
  14. Piterson Well-Known Memberus

    I just woke up. What a nice gift! Even though I have no idea how to develop lol

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  15. NODO-GT Member

    Amazing job OPPO!
    I love you! Looks like you are really listening to community! this step was 100% right! amazing!
    we need press to spread this awesome news!

    Get XDA ready!
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  16. Coop Active Member

    If we got a spot on the XDA homepage, we would make it known by a lot of people !
  17. NODO-GT Member

  18. Coop Active Member

    Great job nodo :) its only a matter of time ;)
  19. Coop Active Member

    Kamma, what are you up to ? baking something yummy ? ;)

    Am i right that with the released kernel data, we can with not much trouble install android 4.2 ? and what is the difference with our device and the nexus ? both devices have source code, so they are both very well for developing ?
  20. NODO-GT Member

    I spread this news as much as I could.
    Soon we should see news flowing :)
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