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Oppo Find 5 Google Edition - Sort Of......... (Request)

Discussion in 'Find 5 Old Firmware (Discontinued)' started by drvsbsm, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. drvsbsm Active Memberus

    I would really like to ask if Oppo can please release a Stock Google Jelly-Bean version of a Firmware like Samsung and HTC are doing with their Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Editions. I know that Oppo most likely wont be able to get Google to create a Google Edition of the Oppo Find 5. Oppo can although create their own version of Stock Jelly Bean.

    I'm not requesting Oppo to get a Google edition device I'm simply asking for a stock Jelly Bean Firmware. Oppo can create a Stock Jelly Bean Rom without all of the Oppo flavor on top for those who prefer stock experience and this should also be easier to create because then you wont have to skin it and put you customizations on top.

    Is this a bad idea, or are other people thinking like I am, and would really appreciate a Stock Jelly Bean Rom/Firmware. It would give people even more of a choice they can use Oppo, Stock or Firefly and everyone wins.

    Here is one reason why..... It seems that there are so many issues on the Oppo Stock Firmware that one group of people have these issues and another group of people do not have them? Or a few people will have these issues and no one else will. Its been like this from the beginning and I really don't know why? This has to be very confusing and while Oppo will fix something for one group it messes up the a whole entire different groups devices. I don't know what is up and why this is but my Beta 5-31 has been running fine. I did a fresh install and wiped everything Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache within TWRP?

    I would really just like to have a choice to either run Stock Jelly Bean, or Oppo Firmware or Firefly whatever I choose. I know I can use Nova, and actually I do, but I think it would be easier for Oppo to address all the bugs on a Jelly Bean Stock Rom.

    Is this a bad idea, or are other people thinking like I am, and you would really appreciate a Stock Jelly Bean Rom/Firmware. It would just give people more of a choice they can use Oppo, Stock or Firefly and everyone wins even Oppo. Take a look at the publicity the HTC and Samsung Google Editions are getting because they are going to be running Stock Jelly Bean Firmware, people really like Stock Jelly Bean, take note Oppo.

    Please reply YES or No if you think this would be a good idea, and add what you think about the this issue. Would this be a good move Oppo.
  2. floorfi New Memberde

    YES, I absolutely agree.
  3. OPPOphil123 Active Memberph

    Like this? ;) GoogleFind 5.jpg <thanks photoshop>
  4. drvsbsm Active Memberus

    Exactly Nice! Thats what I'm talking about, listen to us Oppo some of us really want Stock Jelly Bean!
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  5. Haas Active Membernl

    This is the reason I donated some money to kamma :) AOSP is this!
  6. OPPOphil123 Active Memberph

    i created a thread similiar to this..at future products.
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  7. Dave Weinstein New Member

    I agree. Oppo, please take heed, give us a stock Google option.
  8. Mishka78 New Memberru

    Totally agree! I would like to remind that Sony will announce Sony Xperia Z Google Edition in june. As far as I know, Motorola stopped developing of their own GUI and will produce new devices with stock Android. So all top manufacturers will revert to stock Android. This is what we really need! This is what will help OPPO to solve most issues in the firmware.
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  9. netzu Member

    this will make me keep my Find 5 forever!

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  10. theian New Memberat

    I place just a +1 here.
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  11. Murakh Honored Membercn

    If you want to support this (or any other suggestion), please "like" the first post. The Oppo people check more for likes on a suggestion than "+1" in the comments.
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  12. Rikorose Member

  13. Kenny Member

    That would be very nice! Maybe this thread should be posted in the Firmware Suggestions forum?
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  14. st47k3r New Memberru

    Yes. +1
  15. Piterson Well-Known Memberus

    That looks really good.

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  16. Zanr Zij Well-Known Membervn

    Yes and I love to see it but:

    1. Oppo can't make pure stock JB Rom without Google support.

    2. Like other manufacturers, Oppo want to make and bring their style, their differences, maybe their unique value to customers :).

    So I'm pretty sure that we won't have it. Best way is Oppo support CM or AOSP build better Rom, esp camera and audio :)

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  17. Adam Sobotka New Member

    Definitely. I even created such suggestion in firmware ideas forum.
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  18. Adam Sobotka New Member

    1) Off course they can. Android is open source project.
    2) That's understandable. We are not(or at least I am not) asking Oppo to throw stock ROM away. Project Firefly looks promising and they should keep doing that, because there are customers who appreciate it. But there are customers which don't and it will be great to have all customers happy, right?
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  19. OPPOphil123 Active Memberph

    thanks :)
  20. Zanr Zij Well-Known Membervn

    1. Do you know that F5 is a specific device? Google have to spend time, people to work with F5 in a period to make Rom like that. Only a big name, big market sharer will receive that supporting from Google. "Google Edition", "Nexus Experience" is not only a skin. It is: super smooth, compatibilty, stable, keep update and easier to dev cook Rom, custom kernel cause of fast and open source code :)

    2. They started 2 project: stock and FireFly and still have to work hard on them. And you think that they will be start another project? To be honest: NO :).

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