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New logo for OPPO brand

Discussion in 'All About OPPO' started by papean, Feb 10, 2013.


old vs new

old logo 101 vote(s) 84.2%
new logo 19 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. papean New Member

    my name is Poul, i am designer.

    did the design of a new logo for the oppo
    it seems it if you successful? or the old logo is better?

    I think to exit орро to the world markets is very important recognition of the logo

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  2. Corey M ColorOS Advisorus

    I like the old one. The green!

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  3. Jell0zz Well-Known Membernl

    I prefer the old one.
  4. iceman#1 OPPO Ambassadorde

    Old one! Sorry brow.
    The green is great and the font is more smooth.

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  5. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    For me the old one is the best. And introducing International it's not smart to change a logo. It needs time to recognise a logo.
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  6. Corey M ColorOS Advisorus

    For real. I don't know about anyone else, but OPPO is new to me and so is their logo. I think the current low profile green one is cool and looks premium-like! :D

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  7. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    So keep it that way!
  8. Corey M ColorOS Advisorus


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  9. rashat Active Memberde

    You mean "current logo" and not "old logo". There is no old logo or new logo.

    The "current logo" looks better as your "custom logo".
  10. Melladryn New Membernl

    I like the current green logo although might be nice in another color seeing the HTC logo is green too.
  11. Melladryn New Membernl

    True it looks good

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  12. Sofoklis K. New Membergr

    The current logo is very nice. Your concept one is good too, clean and minimalist type of font used, but my personal opinion is that a company cannot easily change a logo. I am sure that the OPPO staff has already thought wisely and made a good choice for theirs. We observe over time that companies are making some improvements on their logos but less often switch to a totally new one.
  13. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    the new one not tech enough...
  14. leongzhi Active Membermy

    I would think that the old logo is more unique and has its sense or originality there (despite people sometimes reading it as OddO instead of OPPO)
  15. ArcticWolf Active Membernl

    I prefer the old logo, the current one on the back is pretty cool.
  16. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Also prefer the old one.
    To give an example: the sim-card ejector is part of the logo. If you change the logo, that should change to but then it wouldn't look so futuristic. And it are those details that make Oppo so unique
  17. mrHappy New Memberdk

    The current logo, definitely.
    Not to be rude, but honestly, your design seems like something that has not been put much thought into making.
    Like some "generic" font has been used.
  18. Haas Active Membernl

    The biggest problem with the current logo is that people are tent to call it the oddo. But that isn't even fixed in your logo :( So old logg srry!
  19. mrHappy New Memberdk

    There's two possibilities for fixing this. none of the would really work though.
    rename the company to either opdo or odpo.
  20. Ghost1wing New Member

    I think OPPO logo is black right now?
    It's OPPO logo in US ( I found in maps.google) and logo in Viet Nam right now.

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