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N1 in India

Discussion in 'N1 Product Discussion' started by Praveen K, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    Just today, in the morning, I went on Oppo's site. It was selling Oppo products a few days ago, but today its showing there are no stores available in your country. If would REALLY appreciate a reply from Oppo representative to clear the air in this regard. I understand that there are not a lot of Ofans in my country and it might not be commercially feasible to maintain stores, but I am still interested in N1. Please give us any information about product availability in India. If its not going to be, I would stop wasting my time altogether waiting for it to release.
  2. Adam Community Managerhu

    We're in the process of setting up a local branch in India to provide our Ofans with support in OPPO stores and make their brand experience even better. Stay tuned for an official announcement coming soon!

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  3. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    Thanks Adam for your reply. The site got me worried.
  4. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    Please come to my country,pleeeeeaaaaase! :)
  5. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    Adam, in India we don't have it yet. Very disappointed and I cant over stress this. Oppo said on twitter and Google Plus that it would be available in my country today and trade off I made trusting that wasn't worth it. I know its not my place to say this, but the truth is I do feel betrayed. I am waiting for it since August 27th the first day the page went online, and since that day, I am waiting for it using nokia c2, sold my note 2 so that I could get the best price for it to buy N1. Oppo shouldn't make your fans wait forever.
  6. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    One does not simply open a store in a new country
  7. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    They had an online store.
  8. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    OPPOSTYLE is still there,or do you mean an Indian one like the one for Europe?
  9. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    I didn't know about Oppostyle. The link they posted on G+ and twitter redirected me and many others to the page saying there are no official stores in India. I am trying to place an order as we speak, if it happens, good for me
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  10. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    Shouldn't fail,it is the official store.
    Might want to wait?
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  11. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    Adam, I am very sorry for blasting that way. I was extremely disappointed by the fact that I couldn't get my hands on it as I skipped every other flagship for this phone and I hope you will understand this. The link directed me to your official website displaying a remark that the phone is not available in my country. It would be a good idea to ask people to try oppostyle.com as many including me are still under the impression that N1 isn't available in India as eariler models were available to buy from official website. Again I am very sorry for my comments based on improper research
  12. Praveen K Well-Known Member

    can't do. The trade off I made was not to buy a smartphone for my brother's engagement (hence the frustration) and worked with DSLR which isn't ideal given the pace of event in my country. If I order it by 19th, I will miss another event.
  13. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    All the best with your purchase.

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