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Motorized Rotating Camera in OPPO N2

Discussion in 'Future Products' started by burraak, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. burraak New Member

    Introducing a rotating camera module in a smart phone was a real challenge and OPPO done it well but so far it is a manual control in N1,We would love to see a motorized control in next version of N1, by adding a tiny servo/stepper motor it will become a feature which no other mobile phone ever provided

    Imagine using a software slider on screen we would be able to change camera direction and would be able to capture sneaky shots

    Hope OPPO will consider it
  2. HugoASB Active Memberpt

    Really? Just think of how this will affect the battery life.

    It would look cool, but is it really necessary?
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  3. burraak New Member

    You won't be using it all day so there is no need to worry about battery consumption Even when you are using camera a tiny motor won't be active It will be activated only when u need to change camera direction and Even then its consumption would not be more than an average cell-vibration motor
  4. HugoASB Active Memberpt

    It would be more pratical to adjust it with your hands.

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
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  5. burraak New Member

    Good for you
  6. HugoASB Active Memberpt

    Motorizing it would make the rotating sluggish/slow.
  7. burraak New Member

    Oh come one dude , Do you remember the vintage samsung clamshell model T200 it had a motorized open/close feature but you were always able to disable this feature and use hand to open and close (of course for those who didn't like auto feature)
  8. HugoASB Active Memberpt

    Never heard about it. But I do believe it would strain the manual use.
  9. burraak New Member

    It doesn't matter if you never heard about it coz it is not a fairy tale, It was Samsung's popular model and I used it, Just search Samsung T200 at GSMARENA or GOOGLE (I'm not allowed to post links because of less than 10 posts)
    And Auto Open close feature had no strain over manual operation, Since you havn't used that set I don't think you even have any idea what I'm talking about
  10. HugoASB Active Memberpt

    Is it this one? http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_t200-379.php
  11. burraak New Member

    Yes thats right you got it, Samsung T200 clamshell had motorized open and close feature, at youtube you can see it in action by click of a button it automatically opens and close or you can just open it by hand if you want to
  12. HugoASB Active Memberpt

    You were right... I think I had a phone just like that. But it didnt close and open by itself.
  13. burraak New Member

    T200 was the only Model which featured motorized control and the point is Samsung managed to install some kind of micro motors around a decade ago without increasing the set size
  14. burraak New Member

  15. iceman#1 OPPO Ambassadorde

    Yes, in the T200 were motors to motorize it to open and close. But these make it only TWO available positions: Open and Closed. That is really eay to perform. But do you want a camera with only two possible rotating positions. So there must be a fluent way to rotate which makes it complicated. You have to adjust the position by a slide on the screen for example. Finding the right position for your camera you want it to be, will be such a long porocess, you would do it by hand. The electrical adjustment process of find the right position would take to long, so manual is always better. And on top comes, such a electric mechanism is set to get faulty in no time.
    If this thing really would be an improvement, all the big DSLR cam comanies would integrate such a mechanism to their folding/rotaing displays.
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  16. burraak New Member

    Just like T200 you can call it a fancy feature, When T200 introduced it there was a similar debate i.e "what is the real utilization of motorized open/close? when using hand is much faster" but this fancy feature later proved to be a huge attraction the experience was awesome...

    As far as Oppo's rotating module is concerned it is already one of its kind, adding a motorized feature will give it another fancy look Using slider to adjust its right position should not be as tricky or slow as you described Furthermore as you defined electric mechanism as I'm a student of robotics and built many robots using stepper motors & servos therefore I don't see any complicated process to adjust its position all it needs is one miniature stepper motor directly attached to oppo camera module and a small software routine. stepper motors in hardisk head has no gear system or complex mechanism yet it provide excellent positioning we of course donot need that level of precision here, stepper motors itself has excellent positioning no gear system required

  17. burraak New Member

    Wow Thank you Oppo for implementing my idea/request in N3 ... Hurray .......... :) I wish to buy it someday ...... However I don't have enough money to buy it as soon as it launched ..........
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  18. mrsim Well-Known Membergb

    dude you deserve one free of charge just for putting the idea into their hands...you should try to find out if your comment really did give them the idea..would be awesome if it was true
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  19. iceman#1 OPPO Ambassadorde

    I guess it wasn't his post what made them get the idea. It's a common thought when you think about optimization of a rotary cam, at least for me as an engineer. But anyway, a free device for you is a great idea.
  20. burraak New Member

    "It's a common thought when you think about optimization of a rotary cam"
    That not exactly the case Sir, I can give you an example, Samsung introduced rotating camera in their mobiles
    (e.g samsung SCH-A610) a decade ago but they never made them motorized and No mobile company ever implemented motorized cam ,Then how can you say it is a common thought ??? NO offence but as per your previous comments (as an Engineer) you were totally against of this idea ...... and you never mentioned this kind of common thought....
    By the way thanks for supporting a free set for me .... :)
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