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[Index] Third Party Dev: The overview

Discussion in 'Find 5 | Third Party Development' started by AfterDeath, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Latest update: 03/01/2014

    Disclamer: I do not own any of the apps or roms. For problems please report it in the specific thread or message the developpers. I also hold no copyright to anything posted here. I just wanted to collect all in a single thread. I also do not review the roms, that is personal. If I forgot something, please send a PM, that keeps this topic clean for problems and other stuff

    Alternative recoveries
    A recovery is the textbased environment when you boot with power and volume down. The standard one is enough, but some people prefer others like the ones down here.
    Custom kernels
    kernels are the contact between the software and the hardware. The Oppo stock kernel isn't perfect (battery drainage and so on), so people can choose to install a custom kernel

    Android 4.1:
    Android 4.2:
    I got a message asking me how to install it. There is a guide in the topic, but for those that still don't understand it, heres another one:
    Prequisite: CRW recovery or other recovery and your phone has to be rooted!!!
    Go with your phone to http://faux.androidro.ms/FIND5/. There you find beta (testversions), 4.1 (kernels for android 4.1) and 4.2 (no kernels since oppo hasn't brough their software to 4.2). Pick your poison and download it to your phone. Then follow the next guide
    1. Start your phone by holding the power and volume down button (this boots the phone in recovery)
    2. select "install zip from sd-card"
    3. go to the download folder and select the kernel zip
    4. select yes and you've changed recovery
    Custom Roms
    Installation guide here
    Legend: [+] = Updated, [–] = Over 1 Month since last update, [N] = Discontinued/Not updated
    Dates are formated day/month/year
  2. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Important: Rooting and romming wil NOT void your warranty AS LONG AS the hardware isn't damaged by example undervolting, overclocking etc.
    IanN1990 asked Oppostyle and they returned this as answer:
    Rooting for Stock Rom (stable and beta) and Color ROM

    Info about rooting can be found in the next post
    Rooting (making everything possible on the Find 5):
    Warning: achieving root can possibly harm your phone if you don't know what you are doing. If you don't have much experience, or don't know why you should do it, then I strongly advice that you don't do it.Rooting gives you the possibility to gain full access to your phone. Not only the sdcard is accessible, but also the base files (like the configs, ROM, ...) will be visible.

    Extra space needed?
    look into OTG here

    Stock recoveries

    Alternative bootanimations
    Hackarchive's newbs Q&A

    Returning to stock kernel?
    If you want to return to the stock kernel, rom and recovery, just flash one of the official or beta roms from oppo and everything will be back as new.
    Some people have problems returning to the stock recovery after using TWRP. Here you can find a guide to restore it: http://www.oppoforums.com/threads/recovery-of-beta-official-fw.4616/

    Help, I bricked my phone
    Sound familiar? Then go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2256459

    Help, I did a full whipe

    Checking CPU speed?

    Developper? Then this can be interesting
    • Android 4.2 Oppo Kernel Source: thread and github
    • Find 5 modem overview: thread (thanks to @shawnbon206)
    Third party dev FAQ
    Is it possible to Mount the SD card in TWRP and use it to transfer the zip file across?
    prequisits: TWRP or CWM recovery and adb-tools
    - enter fastboot
    - then use adb sideload to push the zip file from your pc to find 5. (Remember to use the most updated adb-tool)
    (thanks to Kedros)
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    I think your index is a great attempt to get some structure in this chaotic forum. Keep it going!
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    Well that was what I was trying to do. I do like third party apps, but it was difficult to find everything (Find hehe ^^). So this topic should help me find the things i need. Or at least the relevant topics ^^
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    Ah well, made a FAQ topic in about oppo subforum. And Addel liked it, but it's not a sticky yet. Hope this all changes ^^
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    This is very VERY good. Wish there was something like it for the x907. Excellent work AfterDeath!
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