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How to root your Oppo Find 7a [w/ Oppo Recovery]

Discussion in 'OPPO Find 7' started by Kedros, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    I got a OPPO Find 7a, I need to root my devices!

    Worries about the following things:
    1. I don't know what is adb
    2. I don't know what is fastboot
    3. I don't have computer knowledge
    4. What is TWRP
    5. What is Recovery mode

    Now this is the file you need, follow the steps and you can root your device. with the (Official Oppo Recovery)
    1. Download this zip file
    Moderator edit: Link to Oppo root is removed because the zip contains a paid app, which is piracy. You can support the creator of the app and buy it at Play Store

    2. Put that in your phone, root directory
    3. Power off you phone
    4. Power on with the key combination (power + Vol-)
    5.Choose English
    6. Install zip file
    7. choose the zip file you download in step 1.
    8. Done , your device rooted.

    Frequently asked question
    Q: Will "ROOT" void the warranty?
    A: Hell No! Only Damage on Hardware void the warranty.

    credit to BBS.MYOPPO.COM

    Don't hesitate to follow me on G+.!
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  2. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    Is there no Framaroot for the Find 7?
  3. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    Find 7 is using Android 4.3 , Framaroot is not working.
  4. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Stickied ;)
  5. 768sg Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kedros. Glad to see the Find 7 already rooted.
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  6. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    How about KINGO One click root, I'm using this for all OPPO devices and working. Interested to see some one try this out on the Oppo Find 7a.
  7. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    I will not ruined my setting now.. but i will try to use VROOT and see if it works...
    but you know. Everyone wants to use a "NO-PC-Needed" Option.

    I have once tried to flash a custom rom and kernel on the street with out pc :p
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  8. Galectus Member

    Good... :) Root is on the way before phone comes to hand...
  9. Accrocitroen Well-Known Memberbe

    that looks easy. is this permanent root?
  10. obitwan New Member

    Aren't these phones already unlocked already?
  11. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

  12. Accrocitroen Well-Known Memberbe

    nice thanks ;)
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  13. mmgirl New Member

    Hey! I was hoping someone could answer the following questions, since I have no experience with Android phones at all. That being said I really need to root the phone before I can use it.. my GPS isn't working at all (Google maps is a necessity!), and all the English translations are terrible and confusing..

    If this doesn't go well, how would I be able to "unroot" it and reinstall the normal software (and wait for the intl firmware)?
    What exactly is Oppo Recovery?
    Do I download the files onto my computer, or directly onto the phone?
    Can I do this on a Mac, or does it have to be a window?

    :$ Thanks for all the help! Sorry for asking stupid questions.
  14. vincent_smoox ColorOS Advisorid

    Uhmm.. @kedros can you please upload that file to another place? its kinda hard to open the mega on my country, i appreciate your work
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  15. VladVador New Member

    You don't need to uninstall "normal software" if you don't want.
    Oppo recovery is a recovery already on your oppo phone by default.

    Yes you can do that on Mac for this method since you only need to download the zip and put it on your phone. Your phone do the job after that.

    I don't know what file he use, but you can use this two link if you want:
    whatever can't post link, bbs myoppo com/thread-2585345-1-13 html (the two file on this link, put . where needed).
    I have rooted and put my google application with this file and it work perfectly, my oppo find 7a is now in French thanks to morelocale2 with a french keyboard thanks to google keyboard and I have all the google application needed.
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  16. Zohair1 Member

    nice guide to root and install recovery cwm or twrp on you tube by c4etech i cannot post link as i am a new member but i would if i could if you change the recovery i dont think you update via OTA unless someone knows where you can get stock recovery and flash that
  17. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    if you get root , you can always switch between those recovery by recovery-tools
  18. prohibited13 Membernl

    Is it possible to use the Cyanogenmod Installer on the Find 7a?
  19. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    no cyanogenmod support yet. But soon I guess

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  20. tyler ferrari New Member

    I got the root to work, thanks. I'm having trouble finding GAPPS or a play store APK that will work though? Any tips? Thanks!!
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