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How to Install OmniRom 4.4

Discussion in 'Find 5 | Third Party Development' started by Piyush, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Piyush Active Memberin

    We have seen a Lot of questions about people having issues while trying to install OmniRom 4.4

    I would be trying to compile here the basics which would be needed along with Links which would help the community here.

    1##For OmniROm at this point of time the recovery which is going to work is TWRP and CWM is not working at the moment
    Install the latest version of TWRP recovery modded by maxwen. Version is

    Latest TWRP
    You can install the recovery from installing a tool like Flashify in your present Rom and after taking backup of stock recovery flash the recovery by Choosing in Flash option in Flashify and selecting Recovery Image


    Another Method to Install recovery

    Another Important link

    2##Modems for Find 5 are not in the OmniRom and if coming from Color OS might need to be changed to v4.1. Do it only when you are having Network issues
    Version 4.1 and 4.2 Modems
    Modem Download

    Note: If coming from ColorOS install the 4.1 Modem Firmware

    3##Nightlies Download

    4##For Root download Supersu from below and flash the Zip file from recovery

    5##PA Gapps Download for KitKat
    Photosphere not currently working

    Installation(From Any Other ROM)
    Put all the below files on your device
    Twrp Recovery
    Gapps for 4.4

    Step 1: Use Flashify or methods listed on Step 1 to install the recovery
    Get inside the recovery by Pressing Volume Down and Powerkey or if using Flashify it might directly take you there

    Step 2: Once in recovery

    Take TWRP backup of the Phone for safekeeping

    If coming from Another ROM Wipe the following
    Dalvik Cache
    System(Normally Installation will do that still do it manually)

    If coming from OmniRom earlier Nightlies you can opt for a dirty flash by just wiping Cache and Dalvik Cache

    Install the OmniRom.zip you have and restart the phone after its installed

    Let the phone completely Boot up and enjoy the awesome animation!!

    Step 3: Once the phone is up and running, reboot back to recovery

    Clear the Cache and Dalvik Cache and install the following
    SuperSU for Root
    PA Gapps

    Restart after they are installed

    It will take some time to optimize the Gapps and then you are good to go


    If coming from Omni Rom 4.4 Nightlies then only the following needs to be done.

    1## Use Flashify and Make a queue of
    Clear Cache
    Clear Dalvick Cache
    Install the Zip FIle

    Reboot to Recovery
    Clear Cache
    Clear Dalvick Cache
    Install the Zip File

    Some known Issues
    1)No WIFI or Network::::Install Modem Firmware 4.1
    2)NFC not getting disabled. Reboot or use apps like Titanium Backup to Freeze
    3)Check Wifi Advanced settings and disable Wifi polling continuously settings
    4)Keyboard crashing while swiping install Google Keyboard from PA Gapps link
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2397942 and change the AOSP keyboard to Google Keyboard from Setting under Language and Input
    5)After installing the TWRP recovery the Screen Touch firmware update goes on for more than 5-7 minutes, do a hard reboot and you would be fine,


    Anything more needed will be added subsequently

    Thanks to Maxwen and other developers of Omni for bring 4.4 to this wonderful device!
  2. Toisan Active Memberde

    I don't know exactly, but I flash roms now for more than 4 years, and I always flash the gapps and su (if needed) in the same time I flash the Rom... And I have done the same with Omni :)

    Gesendet von meinem Find 5 mit Tapatalk
  3. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Added Guide tag ;). Very nice tutorial
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  4. Piyush Active Memberin

    Maxwens AOKP it used to cause problems.
  5. Shoomy Active Membernl

    Nice write up, thanks :)
  6. PereFouras Member

    Well done. Will help many people

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  7. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Perhaps adding an "how to update from previous nightly"-section here. That could be handy, because many questions have been asked. And it isn't that hard. Flashify, select zip, whipe cache and dalvik, flash super SU, reboot :p
  8. dsgame New Membercn

    thank alot
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  9. Piyush Active Memberin

    Will do tonight

    Sent from my Find 5
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  10. bayern0815 Member

    very good construction!!
  11. Lostborion Memberes

    Perfect guide, works like a charm, no problems at all :) Enjoying already Omni.
  12. asmx New Memberid

    Question about modem.
    Noob here.

    I am using 4.3 AOKP, if I want to flash Omni, which modem should I flash? 4.1 or 4.2?

  13. Lostborion Memberes

    Coming from there you should have no issues, the problem with modem was if coming from ColorOS, but if you got problems with signal or wifi after flashing, the version that solved the problems coming from ColorOS was the 4.1

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  14. asmx New Memberid

    Thanks :cool:
  15. NeoSC New Member

    followed instructions...rebooted and it is stuck in the green omni blinking logo...
  16. Lostborion Memberes

    Normally it takes quite a while on that logo for the first time, you have to be patient, if you do hard reboot while on it you'll have to reinstall.
  17. NeoSC New Member

    I'm all good now thanks!
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  18. Tonyyu1998 New Member

    I can't access mobile network but I have wifi! Can't somebody help me please?
  19. TheHun Member

    Try to set the apn!

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  20. Belgarath Member

    Hmmm, I'm stuck. I downloaded the TWRP img file, the rom, modem 4.1, SuperSu, Gapps. Put them on my device. Rebooted in recovery mode - first problem: no wipe option for dalvik (yes, my device is rooted!). Ok, wiped everything I could - but I'm not able to install TWRP, Find 5 simply doesn't show the img-file. Ok, since I haven't used the phone before and could get stock rom around here anyway I decided to take the risk and install the rom right away. But Find 5 doesn't install it, it unpacks it, verifies it and refuses to install. What am I missing? And how do I install TWRP via the img file?


    ok, reading helps (sometimes at least). Could install TWRP via Flashify (idiot me). BUT: still unable to install rom ...

    Oh - and I'm stuck in TWRP now :(

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