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How to get stock recovery after TWRP install

Discussion in 'Find 5 Old Firmware (Discontinued)' started by lazaroel1217, Jul 2, 2013.


If I flash TWRP how do I go back to stock recovery can it be flash ? and do I need TWRP to flash rom

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  1. lazaroel1217 New Member

    If I flash TWRP how do I go back to stock recovery can it be flash ? and do I need TWRP to flash rom or anything instead of stock recovery. In other word can I stay with stock recovery and flash away or do I need TWRP and with TWRP can I flash beta or official firmware
  2. netzu Member

    same question here, how to restore stock recovery when using twrp? tried installing stock firmware updates but twrp is still there..thanks

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  3. lazaroel1217 New Member

    yes sir I want to get the phone but that is holding me back and now that you said that even after stock flash TWRP still present! if I want it to sell the phone I cant sell it with TWRP some on it I read all the post no one has a response to this crap
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  4. netzu Member

    wow, i think we're on the same situation..planning to sell mine too ;)

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  5. Murakh Honored Membercn

    Stock recovery will usually be re-instated after any kind of stock firmware flash. E.g. if you download & flash one of the patch files or full firmware files after flashing you should have the stock recovery again (check for any settings in your custom recovery which might prevent this). I lost TWRP when just flashing the 0627 zip file from the .OTA directory when trying to update from the phone's update app.

    Since it was reported that flashing the full firmware with TWRP does not lose settings you could try to re-flash this using TWRP and hope you keep your data AND get the stock recovery back.
  6. lazaroel1217 New Member

    I don't have it yet im getting a good deal but not knowing this for me is a no
  7. lazaroel1217 New Member

    what you mean flash the stock with twrp? if I do that don't twrp stays like reported by member NETZU
  8. lazaroel1217 New Member

    how would you if twrp is preventing the stock recovery from sticking what settings are we talking about?
  9. Murakh Honored Membercn

    Seems the newer TWRP versions arent affected, on I definitely get returned to stock recovery after a reboot. As I said, check for some settings in your version of TWRP which might be affecting this. I will try to update my TWRP later and see if I can find any such settings too.
    Alternatively try to install CWM and flash stock firmware with that?

    EDIT: Your second post - I mean flashing new firmwares with TWRP does not cause you to lose your App data and settings.
  10. lazaroel1217 New Member

    Nice to know that I really appreciated , so you recommend this phone cause I was getting a good deal from a friend and was concern. Coming from a nexus 4
  11. Murakh Honored Membercn

    Well I am biased, because I own one :) Yes, I can highly recommend it, the screen alone is amazing, admittedly there are still some glitches on the firmware yet things have gotten much much better and there is nothing that prevents the phone from being usable. Additionally there is the promise of even greater improvements with the Firefly rom.

    I am sure there will be a way to get the stock recovery back on it (if CWM or TWRP doesnt do it) if you want to sell it later, but considering the development community growing around the Find 5 you might even find your buyer would prefer a custom recovery already installed.
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  12. kinghu Active Membergb

    I've had both CWM and TWRP and get back to stock recovery by re-flashing a stock recovery.img in fastboot mode. Simple.

    Also as has been said, flashing an OTA in TWRP can also result in stock (and loss if root) as it happened to me yesterday applying a color ROM beta OTA.

    -- From my Find 5
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  13. Jesse813 Member

    How do i gain access to root again. It would me to install SU after flashing a new firm ware but it doesn't anymore....?

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  14. Zanr Zij Well-Known Membervn

    Copy recovery image from stock rom and adb it :)

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  15. Jesse813 Member

    To gain root simply flash find 5 root zip in stock recovery... Done.

    All without a computer:D

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  16. IanN1990 Member

    Could you explain that process a little more? As i have seen alot of posts (i myself, am also lookin for a way to reinstall stock recovery / beta stock recovery if needed, without to flash/wipe a stock rom).
  17. Zanr Zij Well-Known Membervn

    Using Total commander or Winrar open Stock Rom file, copy recovery.img to anywhere you want and flash by adb command:

    - Reboot to fastboot mode: restart then press volume up

    - Open cmd as admin, at same folder with recovery.img file

    Type: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    Of course you already have adb on you computer.

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  18. IanN1990 Member

    Thanks, I shall be adding that to my folder of useful information :)
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  19. Shoomy Active Membernl

    Maybe I am missing something but stock 20130514 has no recovery.img :-(
  20. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Can also be found at the third party dev index I made ;). If I have time I'll try t omake a zip of the file so you just have to flash it.
    Had the same problem ^^. So can't make the zip right now

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