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Find 5 Beta Color ROM V1.0.0_3305G

Discussion in 'OPPO Find 5 Downloads' started by Addel, Jul 26, 2013.


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  1. Addel Product Managercn


    Dear Ofans,

    Today we’re releasing the first International Beta Color ROM for Find 5.

    First of all, we would like to extend special thanks to OPPO Ambassadors and Beta Testers who have spent countless hours localizing and testing Color ROM. OPPO is grateful to have them on this joruney.

    // WHAT'S NEW //
    Compared to the old International Firmware for Find 5, Color ROM has lots of new features. We listed some of them below.

    Communication Center
    • Slide from left to right when dialing in the dial pad to send a message instead.
    • New incoming notification when you're in an application.
    • Missed calls with only one dial tone are now labeled as "1 dial tone".
    • New pop-up for missed calls with which you can quickly dial or send a message.
    • New pop-up for messages that allows you to reply easily without jumping into the Messaging app.
    • Four new dial pad tones (Piano, Guitar, Marimba, Electronic ). Have fun while dialing!
    • Group by time feature in Contacts which sorts them by the last time you contacted them.
    • When typing a new Message it will show the recent contacts so that you can add them quickly and easily.
    • A new way of adding emotions to messages, "Emotion radar".
    • You now can stick messages on top from three selected contacts.
    • Smart layout of emails will help you to read your emails more comfortably.
    • With Handwriting mode, you can really WRITE your emails.
    Desktop Center
    • Live Weather Wallpapers.
    • Exclusive Space - a new widget experience.
    • Redesigned notification center.
    Media Center
    • You now can take photos during video recording.
    • Tap shutter in Camera.
    • Timeline viewing mode in Photos.
    • Size of pop-up video can now be adjusted with pinch-to-zoom.
    • Added gestures to Video to easily adjust volume and brightness.
    System Center
    • More simple and consistent system controls.
    • Double tap on screen to wake it up.
    • Intelligent design to prevent misuse.
    Tools Center
    • Alarm wallpapers
    • Guest mode
    • Holiday mode
    • Gesture screenshot
    Please vote for your favorite features [ here ].

    // KNOWN ISSUES //
    • “Clear apps" feature would kill all the running applications and processes which are not in the white list. Please lock the applications you don't want to kill. We'll fix this feature in the next version.
    • Your contacts may get lost after using "Merge duplicated contacts" feature. Please do avoid using this feature. We'll fix it as soon as possible.
    • There might be some mistakes of the languages. OPPO Ambassadors are now working hard on optimizing the translations. If you have any questions of the translations, please report to our OPPO Ambassadors.
    • The APN settings can't be added. We have released a upgrade package which have solved this issue. Please find it [ here ].
    // HOW TO UPGRADE //
    Please find the instructions [ here ].

    // THE NEXT STEP //
    Do you have any comments or suggestions on this version?

    Help us improve the OPPO Find 5 with [ Bug Reports ] and [ Suggestions ].

    // DOWNLOAD //
    Complete package - Will wipe user data!
    Filename: X909EROM_V1.0.0_3305G_full.zip
    File size: 552MB
    MD5 Checksum: 71D33FAA54F0B65FCF8D1B6BA04A413E
    Download: [ CLICK HERE ] | [ MIRROR #1 - Thanks Kedros! ] [MIRROR #2 - Thanks Juiceman! ] | [ MIRROR #3 - Thanks Kedros! ] | [ MIRROR #3 - Thanks Kedros! ] | [ MIRROR #4 - Thanks Andril! ]
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  2. Allanitomwesh Memberke

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  3. Vapourstreak Active Memberca


    That happens a lot to me here.

    I thought it was supposed to do that? I'm missing something here.
  4. Nodari Kirvalidxe Active Member

    Nice thanks downloading and gonna check back

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  5. RichardHanooman Active Memberus

    :D The world has just changed with this ROM!

    Sent from my X909 using Tapatalk 2
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  6. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Dowloading and returning with feedback ;)

    Edit: feedback and download will have to wait till I'm home. Work is done in 30minutes and download slowed down to 45 minutes :(
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  7. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    Awwwwwwwwwww YEAH!
  8. Eirik Active Memberno

  9. Kasnblack New Membernl

    Finally! Ill try it right away!
  10. Archetipo Well-Known Memberit


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  11. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

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  12. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    Whitelist is supposed to protect the app from being killed. Doesn't work too well.
  13. bierpatriot1 Well-Known Memberat

    Ohh no really slow download cant wait!
  14. Maddmonkey New Membernl

    Downloading now :) thanks Oppo!
  15. andreamans Well-Known Memberie


    Is this the same as the private version, only it's public now?

    Thanks OPPO!

    Is that good or bad?

    BTW, I thought you were on the Private Beta Version, we'll see if it's the same as this.

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  16. Kasnblack New Membernl

    Can the first one to finish downloading post a faster mirror?
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  17. Vapourstreak Active Memberca

    Still don't understand. Doesn't the bug say that the Clear All function kills all apps which are not on the whitelist, because the whitelist is protecting them?
  18. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    Please, Make feedbacks and don't just blame Oppo !
    This is a BETA rom. Thanks!!
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  19. dekwast Well-Known Membernl

    Already flashed it?

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  20. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    almost done! downloaded 90%

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