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Find 5 Beta Color ROM 130828_Beta (based on Android 4.2)

Discussion in 'OPPO Find 5 Downloads' started by Addel, Aug 28, 2013.


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  1. Addel Product Managercn

    新版本.jpg Dear Ofans,

    Today we’re releasing a new version of International Beta Color ROM for Find 5 which is based on Android 4.2.2. And we'll stop updating Color ROM based on Android 4.1.

    // CHANGELOG //
    Upgrading from the previous V1.0.0_3333L version you will find the following changes:
    Communication Center
    • Now you can long press the image in emails to save them.
    • Added "Led color for favorite contacts" feature in Easy light settings.
    • Added "Timing messages" feature.
    • More font settings are now available in the Email app.
    • Added an option to compress when adding a picture attachment to the email.
    • The ringtone of messages and notifications can now be set separately.
    • AVI videos can now be attached to messages.
    • Optimized the display of signal strength.
    Media Center
    • Added "Voice shot" feature in Camera app. Only for Vietnam Indonesia or Thailand regions.
    • You now can set a picture in the Photos application lock screen or home screen wallpaper.
    • The Sound recorder app now support .mp3 format.
    • Fixed a rare issue where the last video couldn't play. (Reported by ahoj79)
    • Fixed an issue where the hidden video were visible under Guest mode.
    • Optimized the speed of entering guest mode.
    Desktop Center
    • Optimized the display of task manager.
    • Fixed an issue where the screen didn't work well when using fog live wallpaper.
    • Optimized the animation of opening an app.
    • Fixed an issue where the desktop wallpaper would crash sometimes.
    • Fixed an issue where the folders got deleted from desktop after restart. (Reported by Kapil S)
    • Fixed a rare issue where the unlock button of lockscreen was displayed in the wrong position. (Reported by walterpet)
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the resizable widgets didn't work correctly. (Reported by Corey M)
    • Fixed an issue where 3rd party apps couldn't be added to the dock. (Reported by sebsmax & RyuKuris)
    • Fixed an issue where the wallpaper would revert to the default one after pressing "End All" in the notification bar. (Reported by Kiran Nagaraj)
    Tools Center
    • Added Backup application.
    • New design of Calendar application.
    • New design of Weather application.
    • Added "Prevent misoperation" option in Gesture & motion settings.
    • Added "Enable status bar" option in Screen lock settings.
    • The update frequency of the Weather app is now set to 2 hours.
    • The minimum volume for alarm clock can't be set to zero so that you won't miss the alarm.
    • Fixed an issue where the notification of calendar app couldn't be set to silent. (Reported by walterpet)
    • Fixed an issue where the SOS mode of the flashlight app didn't work correctly. (Reported by iceman#1)
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the data monitor would crash when pressing "Data usage statistic". (Reported by ahoj79)
    System Center
    • Upgraded system to the Android 4.2.2.
    • Added Data saving feature.
    • Added Wi-Fi Display feature.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't answer the call by earphones.
    • Optimized the speed of opening a png image.
    • Fixed an issue where the Apps Running page didn't work well. (Reported by Murakh)
    // KNOWN ISSUES //
    • Battery drains quickly. We're still working on it.
    Thanks Ofans for helping us make the Color ROM even better!
    Please vote for the updates you like [ here ].

    // HOW TO UPGRADE //
    Please find the instructions [ here ].

    Most of the time, OTA doesn't work well with the rooted device. Please install the full package if your phone is rooted.

    // THE NEXT STEP //
    Do you have any comments or suggestions on this version?
    Help us improve the OPPO Find 5 with [ Bug Reports ] and [ Suggestions ].

    // DOWNLOAD //
    Complete package - Will wipe user data!
    Filename: X909EROM_12_130828_Beta_full.zip
    File size: 578M
    MD5 Checksum: 4FE99F9E2113793144134CDFE2934210
    Download: [ CLICK HERE]
  2. harlekin Well-Known Memberat

    • Battery drains quickly. We're still working on it.
    And when she says quickly, she means quickly. I was on a test build for two days (thank you for letting me participate) and experienced radio consumption percentages of 30-40%.
    Just know that before flashing.

    edit: Addel just responded that the drain on the current build is still high, but not that high anymore:
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  3. Zyndstoff Well-Known Memberde

    [quote="Addel, post: 79654, member: 81"// KNOWN ISSUES //
    • Battery drains quickly. We're still working on it.

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  4. Temp_ Well-Known Member

    More quickly than Chinese Beta?
  5. Heber Member

    Maybe the same
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  6. Cerealquy Active Memberde

    I ain't even mad to install that, still sitting on 1.0.0._3323E because both patches after that seem to not be that useful.
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  7. Mohammed Well-Known Member

    When did this update was released and already a known issue of battery drain..that's serious..for someone like me that is always on the device...l wow.. My joy is down..
  8. ArcticWolf Active Membernl

    how fast is the drain? can it still last a day? :/
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  9. dimis84 Member

    Battery drain? No go! Too bad, i was waiting fot the 4.2.2. Hope to a quick fix

    Sent from OPPO Forums Mobile
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  10. Lucky Moderatorde

    Torrent + Mirror for Ofans... but Download (CDN) by Oppo is fast you can use it. :D

    @Addle why do you use the "old" naming sheme? Because these are nightly builds or because Color ROM replaces old rom? I'm a little bit confused. And my download script sort it under the old rom.

    Mirror #1/DE
    Mirror #2/NL
    Mirror #3/DE
  11. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    I think the battery consumption is Oppos biggest problem should be worked on.
  12. bierpatriot1 Well-Known Memberat

    But why they release such an update with battery issue?
  13. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    Because its a BETA!:p
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  14. Lucky Moderatorde

    Because people spam everywhere where is the new release for 2013-08-28? Thats why it is released. But thank you for the Issue part, so i don't need to test it. ;)
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  15. Zyndstoff Well-Known Memberde

    That is a perfect question.
    Just a little hint about how long it will last if kept in standby, wifi and mobile data on.
  16. Zyndstoff Well-Known Memberde

    Certainly not the reason...
  17. Addel Product Managercn

    We found the 3333L thing was a little complicated. So we switched back.
  18. hackarchive Well-Known Membercn

    I'm waiting for the day OPPO edges motorola or HTC with software that doesn't kill battery.That's the biggest drawback now.Everything else even the color rom has gotten to my understanding and daily use.
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  19. ReBeLoS Membergr

    Addel could you please give us more info about battery draining?

    Sent from OPPO Forums Mobile
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  20. Arnaud79 Memberfr

    Oh my god the battery drain O_O
    I give it a try but I think I am going to switch back to 3323E oO
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