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Find 5 belongs to the entire world

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Danny, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Danny Well-Known Member

    OPPO Find 5 Beta Test
    Find 5 belongs to the entire world, so we need to send the OPPO Find 5 to all corners of the world for beta testing. Dear Ofans, do you want to help us? In return, we will send you the Find 5 for free, making you one of the 5 first owners of the international Find 5.

    We have just started our first beta test, and are offering 5 units of the international OPPO Find 5 for free to enthusiasts around the world. To apply for the beta program, please see this post on Facebook.

    One of the 5 x Find 5 beta test units will be given away to a member of these forums, and will be given away in this thread.

    How to Apply
    Follow these instructions for your chance to become a lucky Find 5 beta tester:
    1. Register and login to OPPO Forums.
    2. Reply to this thread telling us why you want to test the Find 5.
    3. We will randomly select a candidate. As long as you have 3 posts (1 on this thread and 2 posts elsewhere), you are eligible to be selected.
    4. Deadline: January 13, 2013. Winners will be announced the following day.
    We are looking forward to improving the Find 5 together with our beta testers!

    We have selected our beta testers. For more information please follow this link!
  2. MahMah New Member

    I want to prove to my friends how awesome is Oppo Find 5! :)
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  3. Adri New Member

    I want the Oppo Find 5 because is the perfect smartphone !!
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  4. jerry New Member

    hi I want to be the first one to own the oppo 5 in switzerland.
  5. Zahra Habib New Member

    Oooh i wish to test it out because i want to be part of the testing team.

  6. Zahra Habib New Member

    Are you guys seriously gonna send it to anyone anywhere... ?wow!
  7. firdaus New Member

    darn. who doesn't want to try this baby? it's sexy, sleek and what's the most important thing is it is not your typical android phone in the market

    everyone are looking forward for samsung, iphone etc but im looking for something unique, stylish yet powerful--and being a beta tester is a wish come true! (if Oppo chooses me to be one of their beta testers la ;)
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  8. hunhool New Member

    Hi everybody :)
    happy to here and can't wait to be one of the beta tester of this MASTERPIECE!!!
    Why I want to test this phone?
    The answer is simple:this is something extraordinary,extravagant,superb phone!
  9. I love this phone, I would be happy to be one of the five lucky try it!:(:)
  10. abdulhadi Member

    I want to test FIND 5 to see the screen and the camera 120fps!!

    from middle east
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  11. Tan Shou Heng Active Member

    I want to share to my friends that Oppo can compete with other top smart phone manufacturer in the world.
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  12. Andy New Member

    I'd really wanna test this beast coz i wanna feel its quad core power!!! awesome
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  13. Zahra Habib New Member

    And it could even be better than iPhone 5 sucker!
  14. Michel New Member

    I really wish to test the Find 5, because all my friends overhere (in the Netherlands) have iPhones and Samsungs. And I want to be different (and of course I want to brag that the Find 5 is indeed a better phone than iPhone & Samsung).

    So pick me for testing in the Netherlands. :)
  15. Zahra Habib New Member

    And Me from Pakistan...;)
  16. BlackHeart666 New Member

    I am French and I'd love to test this new Oppo Find 5!

    Why? I am blogger and our fans have been waiting a very long time in France.

    What to give them a taste of what awaits them in Europe!
  17. The phone is the more beautiful and elegant I've seen! I want it!
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  18. Trium New Memberru

    I want to be the first beta tester in Russia
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  19. Freeman New Member

    Hooray! It's gonna be an amazing experience of cross-culture exploring.
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  20. kirax102a New Member

    I want to own a Find 5 because she is a awesome and beautiful phone with a large screen and the fastest quad-core mobile CPU in the world. If I ever have a chance to own this phone, I would like to discover more amazing stuff and functions of this phone like NFC, camera, and something more.
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