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Easiest Root method- Thanks to the unknown developer who have done the great job

Discussion in 'Find 5 | Third Party Development' started by Chandramohan, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Chandramohan Member


    First of all, Rooting your phone may void your warranty, i am not responsible for any bricked devices, you are responsible for what you are doing,

    If anybody knows the developer name pls advise, i will add it,

    After searching Google, XDA i have found a easiest method in Baidu, Thanks to developer who made it,

    I am really impressed what he (or she)have done, flashing the Zip file not only install Superuser,Root explorer and the great Google Play Store, Play Store will be automatically installed when you root it,

    Oppoforums don't allow me to post the downloat link neither attact the file, Pls find5_root.zip baidu it and you will get the file

    1)Just download the file find5_root.zip

    2)Connect your find 5 to your computer in storage mode, transfer the find5_root.zip file to your phone,

    3)Power off your phone, wait till you get the vibration

    4)Go to the recovery by pressing Power+Volume down same time, once Oppo logo appears you can leave the keys

    5)There will be five options,it is in chinese though, use the Volume down button and reach the fouth one, select the fourth one by pressing Power button,

    6)Find the find5_root.zip file using Volume down button, once you reach find5_root.zip file, hit Power button,

    7) Yes, finally your phone is rooted, after installation successful just choose the first option and hit Power button which will restart the phone and enjoy your rooted OPPO

    Thanks for choosing OPPO, its time to enjoy
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  2. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    We know this already, but anyway thanks for mentioning it again.
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  3. Chandramohan Member

    I have tried a lot to ROOT my oppo, so i dont want others to suffer like me, so just shared what i came to know
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