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Disappointment on Quality and Service

Discussion in 'Find 5 | General Discussion' started by Chandramohan, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Chandramohan Member


    After ADDEL's immediate effort with in a day i got my button back free of cost too,



    1) Disappointment in Quality

    Last week Start Button in my X909 fall down, when i realized i could not find it back where it is,

    2) Disappointment in Service,

    As i am living in china, i could easily find the local service center, they checked my device and told they will order the button from the factory, already a week passed, still they told not received the same,

    Even in china i could not get the spare part, what about the entire world, :(
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  2. Barnabas Active Memberch

    There was other post with same issue someone try to remove his case and the button broke. The buttons are tiny plastics if they get more pressure easy will broke. Hope so they will repair your soon.
  3. Chandramohan Member

    In my case i was not trying to remove my back cover, I do agree if it is broken, actually it was fall down unknowingly
  4. Barnabas Active Memberch

    This is strange for how long you use the phone ? And fall down whole button or some peace ?
  5. Addel Product Managercn

    Could you please tell me where did you buy your Find 5 and where is the service center?
  6. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    It's funny that these three buttons are not as resilient as they should be. I mean.. what good is having a steel frame if the buttons can break easily; a chain is only as strong as its weakest link right? I hope this problem does not become Achilles heel for Find 5.. What a pity!
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  7. Chandramohan Member

    I got my X909 on 21st Feb, hardly 5 months usage, the whole button fall down,

    I bought from Jiangsu Changzhou OPPO official sales store,

    Service center Official OPPO service center in Jiangsu Changzhou, They told me it may cost maximum 10 RMB,
  8. Addel Product Managercn

    Please tell me your IMEI number and the date you visited the service center via private message.
  9. J Frausto Active Member

    Both my volume button and power button came off. I was lucky enough it happened at home and I did a sweep up in a pile, and found them...I got slightly agitated about this...lol. I hope this doesn't happen to me when I'm out and about.
  10. Barnabas Active Memberch

    But how this button are connected to the phone body how they can just pop up out? And how then you fix them back ?
  11. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    well at least 10 rmb is cheap. I hope they have the same price policy across the globe :)
  12. J Frausto Active Member

    Well, in my case it was my fault. I wasn't paying attention when trying on cases. The cases made the buttons pop out. Umm, they are cheap plastic thingys lol. And I just snapped them back in. Then pushed them firm. There is like some sticky or adhesive stuff that keeps the buttons in place..........yeah. Cheap. But again it was my fault, I was careless. I take the blame.
  13. EddStance Member

    so the only problem is that they don't have a lip around them to hold them in place is that it? :) a bit of a design flaw then but i suppose if its easy to snap them back in.. then it kinda balances it out? - not something we should expect from a phone, but from oppo's perspective life and learn lol.
  14. Chandramohan Member

    i have attached a photo with out the start button, not a quality photo though,

    The Start button is a small piece that is pasted on a see through rubber surface(i hope it's rubber, i can press it with my nails) but even without start button the phone is still usable, i just press the volume keys, once screen wake up i used to unlock the screen

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