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Data wont stay on?

Discussion in 'General ColorOS Discussion' started by Duquesa, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Duquesa Member

    Every since updating to color rom my data disconnects all the time and only reconnects after using the drop down menu and turning it on again, within half an hour its off again for no reason?

    Anyone Else having this issue ?
  2. AncientOne New Memberpt

    Same thing happens to me but can't quite track this down.

    Do you have your wi-fi toggle on all the time?
    I do and I 've been wondering if this happens when my phone connects to some wi-fi network as I move around and then drops the "data" sign...
  3. Duquesa Member

    wifis on, I read here tat people thought it was due to leaving a wifi connection but its not for me, I have everything set to stay on including roaming data and even if I remain connected to a wifi connection after several minutes my data gets turned off for no reason.
  4. RyuKurisu Active Member

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  5. Duquesa Member

    I manage to fix mine and dont believe its a bug.

    If you go into general setting and scroll to the bottom and click more then battery manager you will find power saving mode is on as default, this turns the data off after a short period of time, great for battery conservation not so good for a functioning phone
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