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ColorOS Advisor Program begins today

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Addel, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Addel Product Managercn

    As genuine smartphone enthusiasts, would you like a chance to be directly involved in software development and have a direct way to communicate with our engineers and designers?
    Do you want to be the first to try out the new features of ColorOS and give us suggestions on how to improve them?
    Do you like to tinker with your devices and can’t wait to show off your talent?
    Do you like to write reviews and have your ideas influence others?
    Do you want to make friends with people who share the same interests?
    If yes, please join us and become one of the twenty ColorOS Advisors.

    • Access to Beta firmwares before anyone else.
    • Get in touch directly with OPPO engineers.
    • Special forum title.
    • Make friends with those who share the same interests all over the world.
    • Be a part of the development of great products in the future.
    • Prizes for outstanding advisors.
    • Participate in the private beta test of ColorOS and report bugs. Help the developers reproducing the bugs that other users reported. Flash every beta firmware, participate in the recommendation vote and give your feedback or suggestions of this firmware.
    • Share your unique skills or tutorials with smart phone in the forum or write review for ColorOS. Create at least two original threads every month.
    You can pick one direction that you would like to focus on.

    • You love smartphone, eager to try out new ROMs or share your skills with others.
    • You are using ColorOS and willing to take part in the development of ColorOS.
    • You have reported more than 20 bugs or posted over 5 original tutorials/reviews in OPPO forums.
    • You have a Find 5 or Find 7/7a.
    • You need to have a few hours of free time every week.
    • You need to be able to communicate clearly in English.
    How to apply:
    Send an email to cjz@oppo.com with the subject "ColorOS Advisor Application" including the following info:
    • Forum ID:
    • Your device:
    • Number of bug reports or tutorials/reviews (links required for tutorials/reviews):
    • Your history with technology:
    • Recommended by (Optional): (the moderators or OPPO ambassadors)
    The deadline for sending in applications is 23:59 (GMT+8) @ June 2nd, 2014.
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  2. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    I no longer have a Find 5,but I would definitely sign up for this. Doesn't look like Find 7 will be around for the deadline either.
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  3. Slurpy Well-Known Memberau

    I'll sign up for this Nevermind, I don't fulfil the requirements. Question - do I have to have posted 5 original tutorials/reviews to apply for the ColorOS advisor program? That's a lot of tutorials/reviews :/
    Would my Automated Room tutorial and my translation of the ColorOS 2.0 features from the ColorOS chinese page count?
  4. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    Come on, I would recommend you ! lol
  5. Galectus Member

    :confused: How I comply the requirement, which I didn't met as required ...??!!!
  6. Slurpy Well-Known Memberau

    Could I write your name down as a recommender?
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  7. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    Since he is not a Ambassador this will be difficult :p
  8. Slurpy Well-Known Memberau

    I expected that :)

    I'm not sure if this is for me tbh - I love ColorOS but it's a love/hate relationship. I switch ROMs regularly...
    That being said, I'm starting to grow on ColorOS :) ColorOS 2.0 is really good.
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  9. rjohnson11 Active Member

    I'll go ahead and submit unless anyone has an objection
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  10. Slurpy Well-Known Memberau

    Go for it! :)
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  11. rjohnson11 Active Member

    Thanks, and done!
  12. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    This is pretty much for 7a users to apply
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  13. rjohnson11 Active Member

    The requirements state you must have a Find 5, 7, or 7a
    I'm sure OPPO will pick as many as they think they need from each device category
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  14. Slurpy Well-Known Memberau

    True - I get the impression this post is targeted primarily towards Find 7 owners for some reason though.

    Sent from my X9006 using Tapatalk
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  15. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    :eek:Good luck for searching this users. I think I am a active user, but this ... :D
  16. Slurpy Well-Known Memberau

    Exactly. I applied anyway, but my application will almost certainly be rejected

    Sent from my Find 7a using Tapatalk
  17. Oppo69 Active Member

    I'm a french geek who reports battery, Oppo earphones bug and explain the SMS send programmation.
    I had nexus one, S, galaxy nexus, acer liquid, galaxy s2&3. They were all rooted devices and powered by cyanogen roms, pacrom, Android stock or others.
    I will be proud and very happy to contribute to the color os (and Oppo also !) devlopment.
    My actually device is Oppo find7a midnight
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  18. Superman7 Active Membermy

    I've applied as well. Pls consider
  19. Franco Colomba New Member

    If i still had my Find 7 id be more than glad to help.. guess ill just wait for the OPO and test on that.
  20. Allanitomwesh Memberke

    Yeah they list 3 devices but the catch is in the dates. Only one of the phones is available to buy from OPPO, the 7a. The June date will effectively keep out any 7 QHD owners.
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