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Car Charger 1A or 2A?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kenshiro, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. Kenshiro Italian Moderatorit

    Boys then;

    Those of you who bought a car charger 1A or 2A is the who's already?

    No, because after several recommendations both here and in other forums everyone said (the most experienced) take it from 1A etc. ..

    I have noticed that the previous one that was 500/700 and this map from heat 1A. The only difference POSITIVE, obviously 1A charged before.

    While you do so, or maybe you noticed?

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  2. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    I'm sorry I failed to understand your question/statement.. Are you trying to ask/tell that using 2A car charger is okay for the phone?
  3. Kenshiro Italian Moderatorit

    I apologize for my broken English.

    I recently bought a car charger from 1000 mAp that is 1A. Unfortunately I did not notice that loads the mobile phone becomes hot, which also happened with the previous charger but with lower amperage. So my question is:

    Should that be the same hot having taken a 1A charger? With a 2A fast I could to charge it without it becoming hot behind? I hope I made that clear? Thanks to all

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  4. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    Hi again Ken, no need to apologize for you English, I just asked again to make sure I understand the question/statement :)
    There are a lot of "theories" to whether charging a phone with faulty charger can damage your phone. I read once in Xperia Neo forum that charging with bad charger can lead to damaged display.

    So my suggestion is: as long as you are using charger from good manufacturers, don't worry too much about your phone getting damaged. Phones get hot from charging, that's a fact. If you find one charger increase the temperature of your phone to certain level where you fell uncomfortable, then don't use that particular charger (the stock charger is a good comparison tool). Battery manufacturers usually also have upper limit for charging, so you may want to limit the charging to 1A.

    This is a good article to read. Please take every truth you may read about battery with a pinch of salt though.
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  5. Kenshiro Italian Moderatorit

    thank you very much, you've been very kind :)
    Last question, if I refer to the charger at home, you say it right? Since it is those original Oppo and marks its 1A?

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  6. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    Don't worry about any high powered charger or USB source. As long it's stable at 5 Voltage (5V) the current in mA is controlled by the Find 5. If you connect to an USB source like your Computer or Laptop, these specifications are 500mA to 800mA, and this is not enough to charge your battery within the specifications. Also no heath will be found. Use the standaard charger with 1000mA (1A) and is the best source for your Find 5. Take care of using low cost car adapters as these are not always according to specifications, and risk to damage your phone. Most important is to check the 5V output and also the power from the car is free of noise on power lines. Noise called spices ( i.e. when you start your car) can run up to extreme high voltage and the risk of damage your car adapter and finally high voltage to your phone. One advice; Connect your phone to your car adapter, after your car is started!
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  7. Kenshiro Italian Moderatorit

    My car charger is 1000 mA, so I should go on the safe side?! Below will report the technical specifications of my car charger;

  8. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    Your Dropbox link is not working. Drop the specifications into the Public folder and with your right-mouse button copy the link into the thread. This will work.
  9. Kenshiro Italian Moderatorit

    Sorry, Correct! :oops:
  10. edogaktop Well-Known Memberid

    The voltage spike when a car is started is very good info thanks.
  11. AIT-Solutions OPPO Ambassadornl

    Looks OK to me, but I'am always curious about paper specifications statements. We made a lot of tests about car adapters but most of them are not trusted peace of equipment. I hope this one will work fine for you, looking at Voltage input up to 24 Volt is a positive thing, and will work on standard 13.75 Volt car power source.
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  12. Prezelino Active Memberit

    I'm always struggled whether use or not the charger in cars because of the source not always stable and suffering rumors a lot.. I use it only when it's needed and unplug it right after. Reading about PSU combined with my poor school knowledge in electronics (school mostly) grew a lot of fears in me :D
  13. Izonix Membernl

    I use a 4.2A dual USB charger in my car. I actually bought that charger to keep up with the power consumption of my 2 kids' android tablets on a long journey. Although 4.2 amps is overkill for the Find5, it charges just as well ofcourse.

    It is the charging logic inside the phone which regulates the current. The charger has to be of a good quality and should at least provide the current that a phone or an appliance in general can draw at it's maximum.

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  14. Tsurany Active Member

    Can the Find 5 actually use more than 1A? Otherwise a 2A charger has no use. If it can use more than 1A it will always be better to use a 2A charger. It can never damage your phone directly. Damage comes from faulty chargers and unstable voltages. Overcapacity on a charger can't cause damages.
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  15. Nick Wong New Member

  16. katamari201 Member

    There are Apple-based chargers and there are Other-based chargers. Both can go up to 2A. Just get the dual-port charger by powergen that works for both at full 2A.
  17. Kenshiro Italian Moderatorit

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