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Android spell check, how to disable it?

Discussion in 'Find 5 Old Firmware (Discontinued)' started by sjaak, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. zxcslo Active Membersi

    Currently I use v4.6.3. Before I had v4.4.1 and before v4.2.3.
    I use English and Slovenian language for writing. Spell check, text prediction, spech text, all off...
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  2. tjrolds Memberph

    I see that there is no problem with my Smart Keyboard Pro (v4.6.3) when I switch the default portrait style to T9 but with QWERTY or Compact mode it works well and it does not show the red correction markers.

    I guess I just have to live with not using T9 (I'm used to T9 mode ever since though) or use Perfect keyboard (problem is it does not have a setting for multitap interval which is quite vital for me when fast-typing) T.T
  3. zxcslo Active Membersi

    I just check and you are right. When I select T9 mode, then it doesn't work here also. Strange...
    In 2 years of using Smart Keyboard I never tried that. :)
    But for me that's not a problem, because I 'hate' T9.
    What about sending message to developers?

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  4. Arctic Prodigy Well-Known Memberus

    I use English spell check... I don't want to disable, but I am tired of seeing a big box of words come up when I click on the correct word in the prediction bar.... very annoying.
  5. sunbeam Memberde

    Hmm, somehow I have problems with this workaround:

    First, if I go to "Settings/Apps", there is no "Android Keyboard" on my phone, I guess it is the "Google Keyboard". No problem... but there is no possibilitdy do "disable" it. I can "Stop" it, but it will start running again and the red lines are still there.

    Can you tell me what is my mistake?
  6. sunbeam Memberde

    Well, I tried a lot, but no effect....the red lines are still there. I even uninstalled the all dictionarys (except german), but I still get the red lines with english spelling suggestions tapping on them.... I wondere where they are stored if all english dictionarys are removed...

    Since I cannot disable the google keyboard (an android keyboard is not visible....or do you mean the same?): Those how could disable it, did you root your phone? Mine is not.
  7. sunbeam Memberde

    Important: First uninstall the updates of googel-keyboard....only then it can be disabled.
  8. utopics New Memberit

  9. Addel Product Managercn

    Glad to tell that we'll add the option of spell check in the next firmware.
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  10. Addel Product Managercn

    Please try the beta firmware released today. You'll see this option.:)

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