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Android powered e-ink ereader: Oppo Paper

Discussion in 'Future Products' started by ronnie, May 20, 2013.

  1. ronnie New Member

    Just like Kindle Paperwhite. Powered by Android.
    Freedom of choice.

    Display: same as Kindle Paperwhite, but 5 point multi-touch
    CPU: 1.2 GHz dual core
    768MB RAM
    Android 4.2.2
    Other specs same as Kindle Paperwhite
    Supports Google Play
    Preinstalled apps: Amazon Kindle, Aldiko, Kobo, NOOK

    I wanted something like this because I could not find anything like this on the Internet. I want e-ink but don't want to be tied to Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.
  2. yawn Active Memberit

    Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite are two pretty different things

    Do you want a tablet or a e-ink reader? One technology excludes the other, it's inevitable

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  3. MrWilliamWallace Well-Known Memberus

    You'd probably need native apps made for eink and I don't think Amazon and B&N would make that for their competitors.

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  4. Cookie Well-Known Memberbe

    I'm guessing what he meant was that he wants to see an E-Ink device with the power of the Kindle Touch, made by OPPO.
  5. ronnie New Member

    What I want, I repeat, is a 6" android tablet with an e-ink (paperwhite?) screen.
    Amazon, B&N, and Kobo all have Android apps designed for mobile phones. Oppo just preinstalls them onto the tablet, like normal apps.
    I repeat, this is no different than other 6" Android tablets, the only difference is the e-ink display.

    Yes, Android is not designed for e-ink (apps would be monochrome and e-ink has low refresh rate), so forget gaming on this tablet. No cameras either. It is only for reading. And for a good reason. Don't be tied to one company. To have e-ink for all three (Amazon, B&N, Kobo) you need to buy 3 ereaders. Oppo unifies that by creating an eink Android tablet for all companies.
  6. MrWilliamWallace Well-Known Memberus

    It wouldn't be cost effective for a company like Oppo. Amazon and B&N sell their hardware at our below cost and make their money through content sales. To be able to make a profit Oppo would price themselves out of the market. That's why you find the Sony and other 3rd party e readers tucked away on the bottom shelf of the back corner of electronics stores where no one will see them while nook and kindle are up front by the door...

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  7. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    I also think, that this is not a option for Oppo. All readers are subsidized through the book sale. This is nothing for a pure technology company.
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  8. ronnie New Member

  9. Magica35 Membernl

    Other option; a rooted Nook Touch.

    Yes i know it antique, with android 2.1 running on it... Including ancient google market/searchmarket app run ok.

    My rooted Nook runs both Kindle, Kobo and standard BN apps (older versions) but they work...

    Multitouch/usb host kernel works, modified hosts file (so fewer ads). Opera mini works fine.

    Angry birds in black n white with norefresh, funny :) on xda/youtube

    2 min in, angry birds

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  10. tomaten Well-Known Memberde

    The bird flies one year per Level.:D
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