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A tablet from OPPO

Discussion in 'Future Products' started by Jacob_DK, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Jacob_DK OPPO Ambassadordk

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  2. katamari201 Member

    It's plummeting because tablets are dirt cheap now and no one cares about high specs or quality on a tablet. Most don't even have GPS or bluetooth and that's fine. It's a couch media device after all.

    The thing that Oppo, and all other Android tablets, won't be able to surmount in the foreseeable future is the tablet app ecosystem. It just plain sucks on Android. I have an 8" Android tablet and it's basically a glorified large phone. My old iPad 2 that I bought refurbished for $300 still runs great and all the tablet apps in the app store run well.

    The marginally faster speed, better camera, LTE, retina resolution, and whatever new fancy specs aren't alluring for tablets like they are for phones. I passed on the iPad 3, 4, and will pass on the 5th one as well. Do you think the new crop of Android tablets with Tegra 4 or Snapdragon 800 and higher resolutions will really be that alluring? People who wanted a tablet already have one already. No sense in entering an already saturated market with no profit margins. It's a race to the bottom, An older tablet with Tegra 3 still works perfectly fine.

    Oppo needs to remain high-end (with respectable prices) and they should focus on their smartphones and to not get into the mire of the faltering tablet space. There are actually a lot of innovative tablets from many different companies, but innovative features cost money, and in the end no one really cares about mostly gimmicky features on a tablet. They only care about price.
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  3. dekwast Well-Known Membernl

    Can the same not be said about smartphones? That is a pretty saturated market too, remember the only companies making money are Apple and Samsung. But OPPO is trying to proof people wrong and I can see them becoming successful.

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  4. Mischa Membernl

    I'd like to see tablets from OPPO too and for sure buy one as well if it's anything like the OPPO Find 5!
  5. iBerggman New Memberfi

    Yeah, i'd love to see a 10inch android tablet from oppo ;)
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  6. NargUk Active Membergb

    They're doing a pretty good job of it!


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  7. JC Gabuya New Memberph

    exactly what i'm looking for, i need something bigger like an ipad but currently the best i could get is a nexus 7, nexus 10 is just around but of course i believe oppo will can deliver much better!!

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