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[4.4] Omni N1

Discussion in 'Third Party Development' started by maxwen, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. maxwen Well-Known Member

    Omni is a community-based project for the Android community which is Free^3: Free to Use, Free to Modify, Free to Share. It's also about options, which is the beauty of Android.






    irc.freenode.net #omnirom




    Install guide;
  2. RyuKurisu Active Member

    This is the "official" Android 4.4 OmniROM thread? I'm going to try it this afternoon. I do hope that I'll have great battery life just like the CodefireXperiment ROM ^_^

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  3. Archetipo Well-Known Memberit

    Thanks to maxwen and all other guys behind this project
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  4. gdpt New Memberbe

    Thanks to the developers!

    I have been running this ROM for two days and it's very stable and it has been the BEST ROM when it comes to battery life. I easily did 16 hours of moderate usage throughout the day yesterday!

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  5. React46 Membernl

    Thanks to the whole team for this great rom.
  6. maxwen Well-Known Member

    This is the N1 thread. Since there is no dev section for the N1 so far it has been placed here at the moment

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  7. samstone New Memberde

    Max you should name the device in the threadtitle of the N1 and the Find 5 ;-)
  8. Toisan Active Memberde

    But if u read the OP carefully u can see in the link n1 instead of find5! And we already have an 'official' thread for find5 so I don't know why the dudes spam this one?!

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  9. samstone New Memberde

    I dont usw this forum for download or something i go directly to the omnirom server but for guys like you it could be important ;-)
  10. maxwen Well-Known Member

    Actually this sticky shouldnt be here in the first place
    Already told the moderator :)
  11. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    Thanks a lot @Maxwen
    13 - 1.jpg
  12. ravul New Memberae

    Any bugs so far Mr. Kedros? Also did you flash using twrp or color os's recovery?
  13. maxwen Well-Known Member

    You must use the TWRP provided in the OP

    glad you like it :)
    we just started to add support for the "N1 specials" like O-Touch and O-Click
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  14. AfterDeath Moderatorbe

    For stuff in the find 5 section to moderate, just message me. I'll be handling it together with murakh

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  15. maxwen Well-Known Member

    ok thanks
  16. Kedros Well-Known Memberhk

    Camera got randomly FCs
    Got randomly reboot when shooting photos.
    Interface got some lags.
  17. maxwen Well-Known Member

    Can you provide a logcat?

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  18. Entropy512 Well-Known Member

    BTW, the current official version of TWRP has some issues when flashing older (4.3 and previous) ZIPs.

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=48096263#post48096263 has a temporary solution

    In general, there are some very interesting challenges ahead for anyone who wants to build a recovery from a 4.4 tree that supports 4.3 (and older) ZIPs
  19. ravul New Memberae

    Would like to add when taking a screenshot the screen becomes all fuzzy but the screenshot when opened is fine.
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  20. Entropy512 Well-Known Member

    I think that happens on Find5 too - max has been looking at that but it's proving REALLY annoying.

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